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goldbar55_18Below are the links to my mining stock reports. After you go through the Paypal process you will be automatically directed to a page that will have link on it which will allow you to download the report in pdf format. Please make sure to save the report on your computer.

If you have any problems, please contact me at so I can fix the problem

August 25, 2015                                                                   THIS REPORT IS $30

August 25, 2015  – Please note: There is are 2 PDF files attached to the main PDF – The Corporate Update and the Company’s Asset Handbook if you have trouble finding them on your pdf software, email me and I’ll send you the PDFs.

This Report Is $15
This Report Is $30

October 14, 2014

This Report Is $25
This Report Is $25

This idea was originally published at the end of July. If you think you may have already purchased it, please email me at the email address above. If you have already purchased it, I would be happy to share the updated material with you. – Dave


June 24, 2014

Very Undervalued - $20
Very Undervalued – $25


May 19, 2014

This Report Is $15
This Report Is $20


27 thoughts on “Mining Stock Reports

  1. In the area where we can choose to purchase a report would you consider adding the date your recommendation/s were originally posted?

        1. I had the dates posted on the homebuilder reports but not the mining stock reports. Thanks for the kick on the pants! I just added the dates to the mining stock reports and cleaned up the link to my reports on the right side of the blog.

          If you’re still not sure if you have already bought the report, just email me and I tell you.

    1. I don’t. But I will add it to my list to look at. It’s probably a good time to start back up with mining stocks
      because I think the precious metals “plane” is rolling down the runway headed for lift-off.

      But the homebuilders represent an exceptional short-sell opportunity right now…

      1. Admin:
        Is your opinion regarding short selling the home builders current or viable as of today?
        If so, can you refer a short sale specialist or broker? I have never engaged in puts or calls, but Jim Rogers recommends learning to do so now.

        1. When you say “track record” it depends on the timeframe. Since I’ve published my homebuilder short-sell reports, the S&P 500 has run up over 300 points and it’s pulled the homebuilder stocks with it. DESPITE that, if you have bought two of my reports when they were issued, you had an opportunity within a very short period of time to make over 20% on each. Both of those companies reported disappointing earnings and issued negative forward guidance. DESPITE the big bubble fomenting in the general stock market, both of those stocks are still below their prices when I issued the reports. One of them is still 15% below and one of them is right about where it is.

          The other three stocks are above the price at which I published my reports. But that’s fully a function of the incredible price surge we’re witnessing in the stock market. The Fed has blown the biggest stock market bubble in this country’s history.

          BUT, that being the case, when the stock bubble does pop – and it inevitably will – the homebuilder stocks will outperform the general stock market by a considerable amount. If the SPX drops 30%, the homebuilders will drop at least 60%. A couple of them will go bankrupt. You can short those stocks and never have to cover.

          My reports go into a deep analysis of the accounting being used by homebuilders and I show why it is highly misleading, if not outright fraudulent. The fact is, and I prove this in my reports, the homebuilders now have more inventory and debt than they did at the bubble peak and yet new home sales are roughly only 1/3 the level of what they were at the peak.

          These homebuilders are more overvalued now than they were in 2005/2006.

          Each of my reports has a section that describes how to use options to replicate shorting the stocks. I also discuss trading and risk management strategies.

          In terms of using a broker, you can short stocks with any broker. All you need is a margin account. If the stock is available to borrow, you can short it. I always preface my short-sell recommendations with a reminder that the homebuilders are more volatile than the market as a whole and you need to take extra care to manage your risk exposure and ALWAYS reserve capital to add to your short position if the market moves against you without fundamental justification – like it’s doing right now.

          No one can possibly time shorting the market perfectly. Often you are very wrong before you are right. But when you are right you can make a small fortune quickly.

          Case in point: John Paulson. He bet HUGE against the mortgage market starting in like 2004. It moved against him for two years. But eventually he was right and, in 2009 I think it was, he was by far the most highly paid hedge fund manager. He made his claim to fame shorting the mortgage market when no other high profile hedge fund manager would dare do it.

          The same thing will happen with this housing market.

  2. Admin:
    Also, what is your “batting average” with the recommendations you have made in the past? I follow and donate to Craig Roberts’ website, and his listing on his blog yesterday of your article on the housing hoax is a pretty good endorsement of you.

  3. If you have any reports or opinions on Pretium Resources I will buy them. I believe this will be the biggest gold miner find in a long time. China’s largest mining company bought about 10% of the company.

    anyway, let me know if you have any reports so I can buy them..


    1. I’m getting ready to start writing research reports again. Maybe I’ll write-up Pretium. I have a home run silver stock I want to publish on. We own it in the fund and it’s doubled this year and it could be a potential 10-bagger when the cartel loses control of the metals.

      1. That HOME RUN Silver Stock isn’t BCEKF, MISVF, ASM, OR MY FAVORITE FORTUNA SILVER (FSM) due to its strong future growth and continued lower AISC plus higher grade ore! I love Bear Creek and Minco Silver bc both own 229M and 213M oz AG Resource Deposits and Avino Silver produces 866,000 oz AG PLUS 5,676 oz of AU per year, totaling 1.25M SEO/QTR OR 5M oz/year w/$$12.20 AISC. Finally, I’d be remiss to suggest FNLPF AND MAG(MVG) and their 56%\44% respective ownership of the BEST AND PERHAPS LAST 200M+ ounce deposit that has 600-640 g/t ore, meaning total cash costs come in at $.94 CENTS PER OUNCE once the JUANICIPIO project is complete, which has begun construction and will likely finish in 2H2018 or 2019, when AG commands a RIDICULOUSLY HIGHER PRICE AS A RESULT OF THE PERNICIOUS HIGH-GRADING, THE CAPITAL DESTRUCTION WHICH COERCED MOTHBALLING OF SCORES OF NOT ONLY AG BUT AU AND BASE METAL MINERS AS THIS CUT EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY FUNDS FOR ALL PRECIOUS METAL AND BASE METAL MINERS. THIS MEANS DISASTER IS A-COMIN AS BASE METAL MINERS ACCOUNT FOR 70% of EVERY AG ounce produced every year! Because the COST OF PRODUCTION FOR THE TEN LARGEST PRIMARY AG PRODUCERS HAS BEEN HEMORRAGING CASH AS THE COST TO PRODUCE, even with the High-Grading, offered consumers the opportunity to buy a tried and true MONETARY METAL FOR 20-23% LESS THAN WHAT IT COSTS THESE COMPANIES TO PRODUCE, SO BUYERS IN AMERICA HAVE COME TO THE TABLE AND IM AWARE OF 20-25 PLUS Au MINERS WHICH ARE PROFITABLE @$1000/AU but half those are for mines that haven’t been built like PIRGF, MDRPF, RVREF, PVG, SA, NG, GUYFF, CGOOF, DRLDF, RPMGF, FFMGF, BRIZF, ICGQF, KMKGF, MDRPF, RBY, STADF, for example… THE The ONLY OTHER pick you could be touting, because I’m a Silver NUT, is EXK, SVM(which has issues IMHO so I’m 99% certain THATS OUT) HL, HCHDF, MNDJF, AG, or PAAS bc I don’t think SSRI was on your list back when it traded for $6.60 back when you teased this Silver stock, and if TAHO was back at $7.49, then I BET THAT WAS YOUR Tease. Today, PAAS, SSRI, AG, EXK, HL, HCHDF, EXK, ASM, BCEKF, MISVF, and SLW are Terrific Entry Points to at least make a 100-250 share position and with all I’ve read about all these companies, the downside risk is 15% and the upside risk is UNLIMITED, LITERALLY, as I see China revaluing Gold when the 16% voting power is enough to give the USA Veto power over RMB IMF SDR Acceptance, and CHINA HAS AT LEAST 27,000-33,000MTons of Gold and when they decide to rock the world and back their YUAN WITH 25 or 33% Gold, DIM SUM BONDS WILL BE THE ONLY DEBT PEOPLE WILL BUY, THE WORLD OVER, AND THE PETRODOLLAR PONZI SCHEME WILL RENDER WHAT CHINA DEMANDED OF THE USA, 2 separate 30% reductions in purchasing power which = (.7)(.7)=49% retention or $.49 cents of value left for every dollar, not to mention the inflation we won’t be able to corral bc the $11-12Tn is US$ that are sent back as no country wants our toilet paper currency as this FED MEETING IN DECEMBER WHERE SOMEHOW PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE WE WILL HAVE A RATE HIKE, WHEN WE HAVE TEMPORIZED AND JAWBONED ON THE ISSUE SINCE 2010 and by 2013 made everything “data dependent”. IF IT FISCALLY BENEFITED THE FED, THEYD RAISE RATES, EVEN IF IT NUKED THE EQUITY MARKETS. THE FACT IS THAT A RATE HIKE CRUSHES THEIR BOTTOM LINE AND ITS THIS INANE AND INSANE ZIRP, AND NEXT NIRP, WHICH HAS HAMSTRUNG THE FED FROM ENGENDERING A TENABLE SOLUTION. THE FED KNOWS THE WORLD HAS A DATE WITH ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON SOMETIME IN JANUARY AND FEBRUARY OF 2016 and they figure, there’s ZERO point in hiking and being blamed for the inevitable CRASH than sitting back and still being at fault for making this monetary global disaster by letting the Wall Street banks lie and DO NOTHING TO AMELIORATE TBTF. NOBODY WENT TO JAIL AS A RESULT OF TBTF AND TOO BIG TO JAIL BECAUSE THE DODD FRANK LEGISLATION WAS WRITTEN BY CONGRESS AND REWRITTEN BY GOLDMAN SACHD AND CITIGROUP! Evidence that they put in hegemonic terms for the largest 6 BANKS IS IN THE FACT THAT TODAY THEY ARE 45% Larger and these same Antaean Banks now have 45% more derivatives on their books! All have over $50Tn and to say nothing of (DB) in Germany has over $70Tn and with this (VLKAY) scandal, a worldwide Financial Depression is Guaranteed. This is why China will sagaciously reprise gold to $3000/oz bc they know the Crimex and LMBA are bone dry. They wil do this to up their capital base by ~ 300% and also to get the ridiculously out of equilibrium Money Supply is with AU Price, which over the last hundred years has a strong near linear coefficient of r=..923!
        Anyway, sorry for rambling on what you already know, IF FRESNILLO IS BELOW $9.50/share and TAHO GETS BELOW $7.80/share again, then these are EXCELLENT ENTRY POINTS as these, along with SLW, FSM, PAAS, & AG ARE TWO OF THE WORLDs BEST KNOWN AG Stocks, w/SLW pioneering the art of the STREAM, AND THE JUST BOUGHT $140M oz for 20% of spot for $900M, which comes out to lowest price per ounce of $2.84/oz of Silver and consensus is that distressed Major BASE METAL PRODUCERS, LIKE GLENCORE, WHO FINANCED THE $900M AG stream with SLW, HAS TRAFIGURA AND VITAL ROUNDING OUT THE TOP 3Largest COMMODITY OUTFITS ON EARTH. As supply of AG drops by 20% (CONSERVATIVE!) YoY, China will bring Sound Money back but as years pass, AG will surpass AU as Silver serves 12,000+ industrial uses and given current production ratio is 11:1, and the inane GSR IS A RISIBLE 76:1, that alone is proof positive that TPTB ABSOLUTELY KNOW THAT AG IS THEIR ACHILLES HEEL AND WILL FINALLY BREAK THIS FRAUD BASED FRN SYSTEM, WHICH BTW IS LEVERAGING EACH PHYSICAL Au OUNCE TO ABOUT 375-400 Paper Ounces, which are meaningless in a world where the Golden Rule applies and a RECORD 323:1 paper gold to physical SPEAKS TO The Cartels DESPERATION AND END OF THE ROAD [Which I feel will be within 3- 6 months! I live here in Denver and am a huge fan and am a follower of yours on TWITTER UNDER NAME LINKLINDQUIST, AS MY NAME IS LINK LINDQUIST AND MY BEST FRIEND IN HIGH SCHOOL IS WALL STREET TITAN JIMMY LEVIN, WHO MADE THE TRADE OF THE YEAR IN 2012 as got a dual degree in Finance and Computer Science and made a $5.2Bn bet as a Managing Partner of OCH ZIFFS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (OZM) and the $5.2Bn was bet on U.S. DEBT RESTRUCTURING AND AS ONE OF JUST 6 PARTNERS, he was entitled to Partner Pay for creating his own Algo and turning $5.2Bn into $7.2Bn, which was THE HUMDINGER OF ALL TRADES FOR Och Ziff OVER THE PAST 5 years! HE WAS OVER 32 years younger than the next closest in age Manager. He skipped a grade and was 28 in 2012 and pocketed $62,000 that year in salary and 15.5M shares of who else but OZM. HE told me he had a restriction period on when he could sell and it was I year minimum but that’s a nice dividend stock, so I think if it’s Dividend was 5% ( it was over 6% I think and S.P. Was $13.50, but with 15.5M shares, that’s literally a million bucks in one year if yield was 6.5% ( which I think it was). His brother Joey is the COO of BARRY DILLERS (IACI) and these are the smartest two people I know! As a fellow Denverian, I left Chicago 18 months ago and as I said, I have so much respect for your work, your site, and I never miss an interview from SHADOW OF TRUTH TO CRUSH THE STREET TO TMF METALS A2A to SGTREPORT, TO ALL THE OTHERS—thank you. I am so with you on this ABS bubble where people with $500 can buy a new $25,000 sick ride which can be financed, NINJA STYLE. This won’t end in flames, just as the MBS voracious credit given out No Income, No Job can be financed at 22% for 8.5 years such that you pay $80,000 at end of 90 months. The Default Rate is at 35% and GM IS HOLDING 50% of all the distressed companies in the space. Another with ENORMOUS EXPOSURE TO THIS SUBPRIME JUNGLE IS SANTANDER (SC). If you have ANY INTEREST IN A FREE LUNCH AND $100 for an hour where I can pick your brain, I’m very interested, but I realize your experience and earning power may find that insulting, but I’m a quick study with 2 brothers in Med School and another brother who was on the Buffalo Bills and got injured and now teaches Special Education as my older brother is pretty far on the Autism spectrum. That leaves me and my sport was basketball and once GOD tore my Quad and Patellar Tendon, after already having 5 RT knee surgeries, I had to have 5 more while studying Finance and Psychology Dual Major at Tulane in New Orleans. Here are my favorite mining stocks TODAY, IF YOU WANT FURTHER VETTING OF MY UNDERSTANDING OF THIS COMPLEX INDUSTRY. AAU, AG, AGI, ARNGF, ABX, AKG, ALIAF, AUY, ASM, BTG, BCEKF, BRIZF, BAA, BALMF, CDE, CGOOF, CHPGF, CELTF, CAHPF, CLLNX(Callinex), DRLDF, DPMLF, DNGDF, EXK, EDVMF, EGO, FNLPF, FNV, FSM, ***FFMGF***, FCX, GG, GORO, GUYFF, GFI, GPL, GOLD, HL, HCHDF, IAG, INCAF, ICGQF, KGD, KLDX, KGILF, KMKGF, LSG, LODE, LUCRF, MUX, MDRPF, MDSMF, MVG, MNDJF, MISVF, NEM, NESRF, NMKTF, NGD, NG, PAAS, PPP, PMNXF, PLGTF, PSLV, PVG, RIC, RGLD, ROGFF, RPMGF, RDEMF, SA, SEMFF, SAND, STADF, SSRI, SBGL, STBMY, (I guess ur tease could’ve easily been SilverCrest(SVLC)), which Keith NEUMEYER STOLE FOR HIS NOW MUCH MORE VALUABLE FIRST MAJESTIC (AG), TAHO, TRER, TGCDF, TORXF, UEC, VGZ, WGPLF, WLDVF, ZIJMY. BE WELL DAVE. SORRY FOR SUCH A OFF TANGENT RANT…

  4. Have you completed any research reports for Americas Silver Company which is a NewCo based on a merger between Scorpio Mining and US Silver & Gold?

    If you have I will definitely purchase the report. Thank you.


    1. Have not but it’s now on my list. Finishing up a new homebuilder short-sell report – hopefully this weekend. Then I’ll be writing up what may be the cheapest junior out there compared to what it has in the ground. It’s an unbelievable story. Management owns 30% of the company.

  5. Mr. Kranzler,

    I love hearing you on Caravan to midnight, and various other pod casts. I’m interested in signing up for the mining stock, short seller’s journal, and would like to see a sample copy of each is that’s possible. Please contact me and let me know.

    Thank’s for all you do,

  6. Hi. A while ago I bought a report for EMXX , EURASIAN MIN INC . Do you have an update on it? Is it still a hold/buy? Thank you. Yuri

    1. Ya. you were able to buy it near the close yesterday, you’ve made 30% on your money this a.m. I dunno why the stock was taken down yesterday. I have inquiry into the CEO. I will send around an “alert” email to MSJ subscribers when I get some more info.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear EMXX is not getting a permit for their Malmyzh project. It reminds me of a Lydian International Ltd, used to be one of the highest rated stocks on Sprott’s list ( rated 2 out of 10!) , where the company stalled due to the “unique lake ” in the 3 miles zone. I prefer to stay away from ANY post Soviet space. Extreme Corruption/Expropriation. As soon as I read your report I sold my position. There are plenty of other opportunities in the mining sector.

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