Mining Stocks Are Historically Undervalued

The mining stocks are more undervalued relative to the S&P 500 than at any time since 2005:

The mining stocks, especially the juniors, are more undervalued relative to the price of gold than at anytime in the last 18 years except late 2000 and December 2015. The poor sentiment and the constant price-capping of the sector by official entities has destroyed investor sentiment toward the sector. But the good news is that there are some incredible to be found right now. One of the stocks I recommended in my Mining Stock Journal is up 35% since May 17th, when I recommended purchasing it.

Bill Powers of invited me on to his insightful podcast show to discuss, among other topics, the precious metals sector and some specific mining stock ideas:

I truly believe that investing in certain stocks right now is the equivalent of buying into the internet stocks that survived the Dot.Com bubble. You can learn more about the Mining Stock Journal by following this link –   Mining Stock Journal information.

3 thoughts on “Mining Stocks Are Historically Undervalued

  1. Not directly relevant to this blog post (although perhaps indirectly relevant to the currently ongoing death of Deutsche Bank?), anyway THIS – set in Weimar Berlin in 1929 – reminds me of all of the sh-t that’s going on now, AND of the best way to deal with it!:

  2. Re my above comment, here is an English translation of the lyrics:

    “To ashes, to dust
    Taken away from the light
    But not just yet
    Miracles wait until the end
    Ocean of time
    Eternal law
    To ashes, to dust
    To ashes
    But not just yet
    To ashes, to dust
    Taken away from the light
    But not just yet
    Miracles wait until the end
    It is nothing but a dream
    The mere chasing of the wind
    Who could tell for sure?
    The clock on your wall
    It is full of sand
    Put your hand in mine
    And let us be eternal
    You make your own choice now
    And throw us ‘tween bliss and agony
    But I can forgive you
    You are so close to death
    Yet your glance so clear
    See me
    I am ready
    And looking for immortality”

  3. PS to my above (with a disclaimer to mention that I’m partly of Jewish ancestry, and UNLIKE MOST American Jews – who are mostly from the Russian Empire and thereby ultimately descended from a Turkish tribe, the Kazakhs who converted to Judaism in the 8th century – in contrast, MY people were GERMAN Jews! TRUE descendants of the ancient Judeans, UNLIKE the Russian Jews!)…

    …anyway I just want to mention that the MAIN reason WHY Germany supported the Nazis, was NOT because Germans hated Jews (as the Jews in Germany in 1930 were less than half a percent of the population and most Germans never met any of them and didn’t care about them one way or another!), but rather because the Nazis were (for good reasons!) ANTI-COMMUNIST!…

    …and so, ironically in the long run, THE COMMUNISTS WON! Now the Communists – or their 21st century heirs – have taken over all of Europe! And almost America too, cf the Federal Reserve as a monetary Politburo, and the cultural conquest of Russian-Jews over what used to be an essentially English or at least an essentially White European Christian country!…

    …but NOW what used to be Western Christendom, has become Judaicised by the heirs of the Russian/Turkic-Talmudic Jews (FAKE “Jews”! Whom the Judean-born Apostle Saint John called “The Synagogue of Satan”), like this:

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