Mining Stocks Are Percolating

I’ve just added Nick’s Denali Guide 3-page technical analysis to my report on Eurasian Minerals.  You see that full report using this link:   Research Reports.  I want to emphasize strongly Nick’s analysis is completely independent of my fundamental analysis.  Use Nick’s tools to guide your entry/buy/accumulate/take profits/sell trading decisions.  Use my analysis to decide the risk/return merits of any given junior mining stock.

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7 thoughts on “Mining Stocks Are Percolating

  1. Dave…

    On Monday sellers unknown came in and absolutely and inexplicably bombed PVG for its worst one day slam down in months. I found this particularly interesting as my June calls had just found their way into the money.

    Is there any way to find out who sold or sold short on Monday?

    Thanks, FG

    1. No way to know. Short-sellers are aggressive, illegal in many instances, and the regulators here AND in Canada could care less

    Mining’s bearish pendulum swinging, in a big way, in other direction – MRG
    “The Silver Tsunami is fast approaching,” says a new MRG survey, bringing an executive brain drain, “the likes of which will shake the industry to its very core.”
    Author: Dorothy Kosich | Tuesday , 17 Jun 2014 RENO (MINEWEB) –
    “In an unprecedented turn of events, only 14% of mining executives now hold a bearish outlook as to the overall strength of the industry over the next 6-12 months,” reported Mining Recruitment Group’s Mining Executive Outlook, Q3 2014 Monday. “This is down remarkably from the 64% of executives who held the same view at this point of last year and the 52% who were bearish as of Q4 13.”

    1. For several months now, every junior mining company exec I talk to has been buying shares in their companies. I know that EMXX’s CEO was buying shares a couple weeks ago (SEDAR filings).

  3. Your reccommended miner SDRG from a few years ago is making a strong move towards the UPSIDE. This stock did get hammered from when I first bought at a quarter but Ive been buying a TON at a half penny and is already tied at the 52 week high.

    Marc has completely turned around this stock after I was personally dissapointed with him for the first few years at SDRG. He got us out of the chill and looks to get us back on the OTCQB.

    My whole point is Dave, thanks for picking out this stock from years ago even though it has gone through some tough times. It looks to be roaring back and its not a ‘pump and dump’ as the charts have been gaining traction and volume has been getting back in.

    1. Geez are you serious? That was the ONE stock that bit me in the ass from fraud and it was because I relied on a former friend/colleague who sucks at due diligence but had a relationship with Marc and put full faith in what Marc told him. I thought this guy knew what he was doing and it turned out he didn’t/doesn’t. I’m sure you would know who this guy is – he writes and rants for a coin dealer.

      I’m glad it’s working out at least for now down at these levels.

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