Must-Listen Interview With Ron Paul

Those individuals who are in charge of monetary policy around the world…I think they are very much aware of what is coming…When I’ve asked Federal Reserve chairmen in a committee about this, they never said ‘no, that’s going to happen…'”

“Bernanke seemed to resent what I was doing more than the rest of the [Greenspan, Volker]”  – Ron Paul on Silver Doctors (links in my blogroll), did a great interview with Ron Paul last week.  What sets this interview apart from all the others Dr. Paul has done since leaving Congress is that Eric and Doc finally asked the question to which we all wanted an explanation:   How come you never nailed Greenspan or Bernanke to the wall with follow-up questions?

It turns out, part of the strategy the Fed Chairman uses to avoid tough questions is to try and use up all of the Congressman’s allotted time by taking the entire 5-minute time slot to answer the first question.  Put in this context, Dr. Paul certainly did the best he could expose what he could given the rules governing the testimony.

Here’s the link the inteview, which I highly recommend listening to:   Ron Paul:  Nothing Orderly About Currency Collapse.

2 thoughts on “Must-Listen Interview With Ron Paul

  1. What they should have asked is why Mr. Paul used up a LOT of his allotted time getting to his question?

    I love the guy but he went on and on before asking his questions.

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