My “No Rate Hike This Time” Call Looks Good

At one point I felt like a lone wolf in the night….

I have a new theory about the bullion market, especially silver, that I’m toying with for the time being. I’m hoping to put “pen to paper on it this weekend. If I’m right about this we’re in big trouble in this country.

Also, while you still can, short this absurd bounce in homebuilders. The Fed didn’t hike because the economy is collapsing. The housing market has hit a wall, and that includes the mortgage market. I heard an ad for “stated loans” being available now – those are “liar loans.” The elitists are beyond desperate.

This is the U.S. economy:


24 thoughts on “My “No Rate Hike This Time” Call Looks Good

  1. Hey Dave,

    Kudos on the great calls. Looking forward to reading your upcoming article. Its odd to see Silver and Gold rise on the same day as an FOMC meeting. I don’t recall ever seeing such price action. There must be some very powerful forces in action behind the scene.

  2. Not just your country Dave.

    I was looking at my bullion dealer on line today regards a gold purchase, but I had a look at what was available in silver too. They had virtuly nothing. Coins or bars. There was a better selection on gold. Also, delivery times have been pushed back. 3 months ago when they were out of stock it would be 2/3 week delay. Now it’s 4/6 weeks. Some were 8/9 weeks.

    What is fascinating about this’s is that it is happening in a virtual media black out. There is no coverage on TV or in newspapers about how physical gold/ silver is flying out the door. If it was an iPhone the media would be all over it.

  3. Dave, the CME claims to have 5 tons of gold in registered inventory. I believe them.

    The CME also claims to have 1,500 tons of silver in registered inventory. I do not believe them. This would mean that the CME has 300 times more silver than gold in registered inventory.

    This is hard to believe considering that Silver is in much more short supply than gold especially at the retail level.

    As you know, silver comes out of the ground at 9X the rate of gold, but then most silver ends up getting used in manufacturing so silver is actually rarer than gold aboveground.

    Because of this Bunker Hunt thought that the natural ratio was 5 to 1, but this was in the 1970s. Silver is actually much rarer now.

    I find it extremely hard to believe that the CME has 300 times more silver than gold in registered inventory. I would be surprised if they had any silver.

    If there really is 1,500 tons of silver in CME registered inventory, then why the silver shortage? It makes no sense.

    Conclusion, everything related to silver is 100% make believe made up paper nonsense!

  4. You didn’t convince me that no rate hike is coming. Especially here in the german the media the lie of the good American economy and labor market was repeated all over again. So i really thought they want to justify the rate hike with that lie.
    Respect You made a good call.

    1. The Western European media just repeats what the American think tanks tell them. In Germany the so-called Springer press is the worst off all. But even the state financed outlets are well-connected to the American think tanks. They don’t even hide it. It’s beyond believe!

    “PLA may use electric reactive armor on tanks: Global Times
    Staff Reporter 2015-09-16 16:17 (GMT+8)

    The People’s Liberation Army may eventually equip its main battle tanks with electric reactive armor to prevent damage from anti-tank weapons, reports China’s Global Times.

    Electric reactive armor is usually made of two electrical plates separated by an insulator to make a high-power capacitor. When a tank using the armor is hit by an incoming object such as a rocket or missile, it will discharge electricity from the capacitor to vaporize the object…”

    More silver demand for new tanks-
    Power-up the engine and flanks.
    Electric discharge on the field,
    Stored energy into yield,
    Prominent omen for the banks.

  6. I saw a picture of Grandma Yellen today.
    She looked lika an old grey terrified owl.
    Maybee she has come to the realization that she´s carrying a bag with dynamite in it and the fuse has been lit.
    When it blows up she will be the one to blame.

  7. You know Dave, The more you look at this to raise or not to raise dog and pony show. Maybe Yellen knows’ this market is a stinker anyway and if she raised rates’ the fed would cop all the wrap…this way she can pull the old “mea culpa” rabbit out of the hat …hmm Schiff might be right on his call easing before the end of the month. Just saying..

  8. I just revisited your LGIH report from earlier this year. It hasn’t worked out thus far, but still looks pretty interesting given the continued oil price decline, and the inevitable impact that will have on TX. I noticed their inventory position is now nearly twice what their shareholder equity is. They are walking a fine line to be sure.

    1. Double down. It’s coming. LGIH isn’t selling anymore homes, per se, it’s just even more ridiculously overvalued now.

      B’berg just featured a segment on the luxury condo glut in NYC. The glut has been there for a year, just not reported on. There’s glut in new apartments in almost every city now. This is how the 2005/2006 bust started

  9. I just realized the I probably shouldn’t have put the ticker in my last comment, as I don’t think you had mentioned the name previously. My apologies for that. I understand if you don’t want to publish the above comment (or this one) or edit it, but for what its worth, it does look more attractive as a short candidate now.

    1. No worries. If people want to buy the report and see why the stock will go from $25 to $5, they can contact me. It’s not up on my site anyway right now.

  10. Hey Dave, you’ve made me more than curious about your bullion market theory. Can’t wait to read it. However, take your free time over the WE, you deserve it, man. Thanks for all you do for your readers. Regards, Martin

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