Neoconservativism: Unbridled Political And Financial Terrorism

The real enemy of this country is not the Russians or the Islamic population – it’s the neoconservatives who control your Government.

Wikipedia erroneously attributes the origins of “neoconservatism” to the United States.  In fact, it was a political philosophy that has its roots in Israel.  It’s essence: “kill your enemy and spare no expense.”   It’s a political movement that gained momentum in the U.S. Government, I believe, starting with Henry Kissinger’s influence.  Perhaps there’s earlier roots.   It’s true substance is nothing short of unbridled political  and financial terrorism.  However, it was during the Bush II administration the the neoconservatives gained a stranglehold on the most important avenues of power inside the Government.

“Neoconservatism” is perhaps a misnomer.  It’s more akin to philosophies adopted by the Nazis in Germany and it unmitigatingly has spread its wings over BOTH Republicans and Democrats.   Hillary Clinton is a neocon, for instance.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has been warning us about the excessively dangerous neocon movement that has gripped our entire political system.  I have had the privilege of several one on one conversations in the course of co-authoring articles with him on the gold market.   I know first-hand that he has a long history of experience in dealing with these people both a  personal and professional basis during the course of his career.  In other words, he understands “the monster” as well if not better than anyone willing to expose it for what it is:

The neoconservatives constitute a war lobby. When one war doesn’t work, they want another. They have an ever expanding war list. Remember, the neoconservatives are the ones who promised us a 3-week “cakewalk” Iraq war costing $70 billion and paid for by Iraq oil revenues. After 8 years of war costing a minimum of $3,000 billion paid for by US taxpayers, the US gave up and withdrew. Today jihadists are carving a new country out of parts of Syria and Iraq…

The wars with Iran and Russia that the New York Times is encouraging will be much more dangerous than the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Humanity might not survive them.  – PCR (link below)

That sentiment from the NY Times should only surprise the Democrats and liberals who still believe that the NY Times and the Washington Post are the journalistic bulwarks of freedom and democracy.  They are not.  I noticed during the Bush II regime that both newspapers had become heavy promoters and supporters of all things neoconservative.

The quote above is from Dr. Roberts’ latest piece:   Manufacturing Dissent (LINK).   It is a must-read/must-absorb commentary.   Rest assured that the next election will only serve to transfer neocon power from the Obama government to the successor government, irrespective of political affiliation.   The rhetorical fireworks that will no doubt accompany the next three ring circus campaign season will be only by design – to deflect the truth about what is really happening with your Government (it’s not mine).

7 thoughts on “Neoconservativism: Unbridled Political And Financial Terrorism

  1. This is why so many are calling for a third party. I don’t know from where it could come from though. The election campaigns are privately financed and the budgets are getting bigger and bigger every time. No idea where the money could come from for a new party.

    1. a third party won’t do shit. need to burn the system to the ground and take the Bill of Rights and start over
      the 11th AMENDMENT needs to say: “No politician may receive ANY money from anyone. All campaigns are financed by
      the taxpayer and the spending limit is set at XXXX for each candidate.”

  2. The root of the problem is that all politicians have been bought off, some
    more so than others. Another solution would be term limits for everyone.
    It’s obscene that scumbags like Harry Reid keep getting reelected and
    keep getting richer while following their own agenda. It’s not so long ago
    that politics wasn’t considered a career but rather a way for successful
    people in other careers to contribute back to society their knowledge and
    experience. Today the system is so corrupted a parasite like Obama can
    be elected to the highest position in the country without ever holding a
    meaningful job of any kind so his experience in problem solving and
    building a successful organization is nil. The ideology of “For The Greater
    Good” is a thing of the past.

  3. Power = Money = Banks = Corruption

    The House of Prostitutes and the Senate Chamber of Whores in DC .

    You are spot on Dave. Money must be removed from politics before ANY rebuilding may take place. Being a public servant used to mean “serving the public”, not yourself!

    Just like it takes fuel-air-ignition to start a fire, take away any one ingredient and the fire goes out. Same way with stopping the corruption. Public retribution for those responsible and for those who have profited, must include impoverishment and long prison terms.

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