No Really, The Russians Hacked Us

Hillary and her supporters have vehemently asserted that “seventeen intelligence agencies” agree with the assessment that Russia hacked the election. It might be greater news to the American people to hear that there actually are seventeen such agencies out there. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama might explain exactly what they are beyond the CIA, the FBI, the DIA, the NSA, and DHS. Personally, I feel less secure knowing that there are so many additional surveillance services sifting through everybody’s digital debris trail.  – James Kunstler, “Deep State Blues

The public voted with its wallet and truthseeking data reveals that in any election in which the growth in average household real disposable income is less than 3.1%, the incumbent party loses the White House.  The study goes back to the 1932 election.  Real disposable income growth was well below 3.1% in 2016 and the Democrats lost the White House.  It’s really as simple as that, for the most part.

In addition, enough of the voting public determined that, with the help of the Wikileak emails, Hillary Clinton could not be trusted.  In fact, the Wikileak oeuvre revealed that the entire Democratic Party was indefatigably corrupt.  At the root of this corruption is the Clinton Foundation.  But beyond that it was discovered that, among other atrocities, the DNC conspired to rig the Democratic Primary against Bernie Sanders and the current DNC Chairman, Donna Brazile, slipped debate questions to Hillary ahead of the debates.

The reaction to this by the mainstream media, largely conduits of pro-Clinton propaganda, the DNC and Hillary is to blame the Wikileak truth revelations on the Russians.  As a result, the generic fake news meme regarding the election results has turned into “the Russians hacked us.”

All this mind you in an utterly complete void of proof.  Where’s the proof?  None of Hillary’s supposed intelligence agencies can produce one shred of evidence that points to Russian email hacking.   Show us the money.  Please.   Lost in this entire Orwellian fog of lies is the bare truth, for all to see.  If the Wikileak emails revealed that the Democratic Party – led by Hillary Clinton – is profoundly corrupt to the core, what difference does it make from where the source of truth, the source of holy light, appeared?   

The truth is the enemy now.  Rather than fearing Russia, the public should be looking for reasons to not live in fear of the U.S. Government.

The same Orwellian fog has enveloped the gold and silver markets, especially as the facts apply to the massive demand for gold in the eastern hemisphere.  Mainstream western financial media has become flooded with highly misleading and outright fraudulent news stories about the precious metals markets.  In this latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we dissect through we pull away the wizard’s curtain to shed light on the facts:

4 thoughts on “No Really, The Russians Hacked Us

  1. Here is a 10/7/16 Staement from Homeland Security “The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from US persons and institutions, including from US political organizations. ”

    Of course deatils are not included; but maybe there is some proof…that Russians did some hacking of unsecured email servers.

  2. Thank God for the Russians and thank you, Hillary, for pointing out that everything wrong in the world today is because of them. Now I have someone to blame for being fat, bald and uglier than a sack of assholes. Vladimir, it’s all your fault! Damn you!

  3. Against the backdrop of a horrifying day w/ events in Berlin, Germany & Turkey, found solace in following very pleasing tidbits:

    Dr. Ron Paul actually earned his VERY FIRST electoral college vote today, at the very young age of 81 years old!!! A very nice accolade to an amazingly consistent & THE MOST honorable, long career among anyone I can think of.

    CORRUPT & EVIL Hitlery set a new low record for being THE LEAST popular presidential candidate among HER OWN DESIGNATED electors! One source I saw saying something like going back to 104 years!!! 4 electors in Washington & 1 elector in Hawaii rebelled against her. 1 elector each in Maine, Minnesota & Colorado also attempted to rebel, but weren’t allowed to. Or else, it would’ve set a truly ignominious feat for the record books.

    It doesn’t thrill me that 3 of the Washington rebels were in favor of Colin Powell, who DESPICABLY took us into Iraq War with WMD propaganda & lies. But the negative strike against Hitlery is still pleasing. Obviously, I’m no Bernie Sanders or socialism fan. But the fact that 3 attempted rebels & 1 confirmed rebel from Hawaii were all in Bernie’s favor is also a big warning message: Neo-liberalism & neo-conservative ideologies are failing in spades & being rejected outright throughout the world.

    After today’s terrible events in Berlin, as well as Hitlery’s symbolically DISASTROUS electoral humiliation, I’m 100% sure Angela Merkel is finished.

  4. The 1984 Police seem to be all over the Net. I see CRAPCO (Kitco) is still showing Shanghi prices from last week? WTH is up with that? Haven’t heard China is closed so is this just their way to obfuscate the spread between the CRIMEX and ROW?

    The SHTF index is now how low they drive the PM’s. The lower they go the worse it is. Heaven Forbid but I hate these SOB’s way to much to be healthy.

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