“No Virginia, There Will Be No Rate Hikes This Year”

Fed has been signaling it will raise rates for two years now. Same powerplay as #grexit scare. Won’t happen. System is broken till a Reset – next signal will be QE4 rumors  – Willem Middelkoop on Twitter

Yes!  Someone else who gets it.  Every week we getting these dopes from the Fed coming out and saying “hey man, the Fed is behind the curve – time to raise rates.”  But the even bigger dopes are the dopes who believe the hot air.  And now supposedly the Fed is on track to raise rates twice still this year.

The Fed has been on target to raise rates several times a year ever since Bernanke’s infamous “Taper” speech back in May 2013.   Last time I looked, the flag flying above the White House was not a Japanese flag, but the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, financial media stage show sure looks a lot like Kabuki Theatre – quite literally, “the art of singing and dancing.”


Here’s one of the MAJOR reasons that the Fed won’t touch this rates – not this year and not next year:    Housing Starts Unexpectedly Plunge 11.1%


May housing starts dropped 11.1% in May from April, with single family unit starts falling 5.4% and multi-family units dropping 18.5% (data from the link at the top). Although the month to month data reporting in the housing starts series has been volatile, there has been a definitive downtrend in starts since the beginning of 2013.

You can read the rest of this article I wrote for Seeking Alpha here:   Housing:  Look Out Below

A housing market that is on the precipice of re-collapse is just one of the reasons that the Fed will not be raising rates this year.   The reason the Fed won’t be raising rates next year is because we may well have experienced a systemic reset by then…

4 thoughts on ““No Virginia, There Will Be No Rate Hikes This Year”

  1. Dave, the FED will raise rates. This is how the banks will make money. Anything else does not count for the FED. In a zero interest environment it doesn’t make sense to lend money. The biggest inflation wave in the history of the U.S. is coming.

    1. The banks are making their money by ‘lending’ it to the Fed itself, parking money in Treasuries or in the Fed itself so all of that money is safe compared to lending out money to borrowers who might default on the loans. The banks also make money from credit cards, why should a bank lend at 2% when they can push credit cards and get interest of 10% or more? Factor in ATM fees, fees for not keeping the minimum balance in a checking or savings account, dealing in derivatives among the big banks, etc. and the banks make their money without lending one cent.

      1. Look at money velocity. It’s zero. Banks will make a killing during reflation. This is what the FED all cares about.

  2. It’s perfectly rational to think the Fed won’t raise rates, but we know the world is run by a number of families and international bankers who want a world government.

    Part of the plan to justify their “New World Order” is to bankrupt the world – especially the West where the greatest resistance would come from.

    It is said that Henry Kissinger was the major brains behind derivatives, which were to be used for the express purpose of mining the world economy. Take a look at the following numbers; natural reason can discern that are purposeful, not accidental;

    JPMorgan Chase

    Total Assets: $2,573,126,000,000 (about 2.6 trillion dollars)

    Total Exposure To Derivatives: $63,600,246,000,000 (more than 63 trillion dollars)


    Total Assets: $1,842,530,000,000 (more than 1.8 trillion dollars)

    Total Exposure To Derivatives: $59,951,603,000,000 (more than 59 trillion dollars)

    Goldman Sachs

    Total Assets: $856,301,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)

    Total Exposure To Derivatives: $57,312,558,000,000 (more than 57 trillion dollars)

    Bank Of America

    Total Assets: $2,106,796,000,000 (a little bit more than 2.1 trillion dollars)

    Total Exposure To Derivatives: $54,224,084,000,000 (more than 54 trillion dollars)

    Morgan Stanley

    Total Assets: $801,382,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)

    Total Exposure To Derivatives: $38,546,879,000,000 (more than 38 trillion dollars)

    Wells Fargo

    Total Assets: $1,687,155,000,000 (about 1.7 trillion dollars)

    Total Exposure To Derivatives: $5,302,422,000,000 (more than 5 trillion dollars)

    Source: Michael Snyder – http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/the-six-too-big-to-fail-banks-in-the-u-s-have-278-trillion-dollars-of-exposure-to-derivatives

    Thus, the Fed will raise interest rates in order to (contribute to) the detonation of this deliberately laid global financial minefield.

    The present delay, is not about waiting for the US economy to “hit the right metrics”, rather it is a matter of when the Elite consider the time is right, according to their plan.

    In any case, it should be noted that the Fed is not autonomous.

    “… the treacherous signing away of American rights at the 7-power conference at London in July 1931 … put the Federal Reserve System under the control of the Bank of International Settlements.” – Rep. Louis T. McFadden, chairman of the House Banking Committee, on May 4, 1934


    For as Our Lord stated:

    John 10:10

    “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.”

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