Non-Farm Payroll: Ignore Headlines – Labor Force Participation Hits New Low

The headlines reported that 223k people found jobs last month.  Of course, you have to read into the details to find out that the 280k report in June for May that caused a parabolic spike in the stock market was revised significantly lower to 254k.  So the stock market was artificially driven up on a fictitious reporting of a fraudulent number.

In fact, 60,000 jobs were removed from what was originally reported over the last two months.

The real story in today’s report is the fact that the labor force participation rate hit a low not seen since October 1977:


Even the Government’s outrageous manipulation of the data and the media’s outrageously bullish spin on the data can’t hide the fact that a record number 93.6 million working age people are NOT in the labor force after 640,000 removed themselves from the pool of people who had been looking for a job.

The birth-death fairy tale threw another 109k into the mix of make-believe jobs that were seasonally-adjusted statistically abused to produce the fictitious jobs reported in the headlines.

The U.S. economic and political system is precariously perched on an insipid foundation of fraud, corruption and debt.  Perhaps most emblematic of this cesspool of waste is the Government’s non-farm payroll report.  It’s nothing but a huge lie which is shamelessly promoted by the media and Wall Street and used by the Fed and the Plunge Protection Team to juice the stock market.

3 thoughts on “Non-Farm Payroll: Ignore Headlines – Labor Force Participation Hits New Low

  1. Damned lies, more lies and bent statistics.
    Not worth the time to pick it apart.
    There are those that still believe the government, then you have those that call bullshit!
    And the level of that stuff is getting higher. Proof of which is this latest jobs report based on wishful thinking and outright falsehoods.

  2. just in case u havent heard…and keep up the great work Dave…

    NEW YORK, June 30 U.S. Mint gold coin sales reached a five-month high in June as the price of bullion fell to 11-week lows, while silver coin sales more than doubled month-over-month, the latest government data showed on Tuesday. American Eagle gold coin sales jumped to 76,000 ounces in June, the highest since January and more than triple the 21,500 ounces sold in May, U.S. Mint data showed.

    now there’s economic law operating at its finest…….

  3. I think ‘The Princess Bride’ has more truth than these unemployment numbers. Inconceivable?…I don’t think these reports mean what they say they mean.

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