ObamaCare Costs Are Rising – Ability To Pay Falls

Hospital patients felt an increased financial burden in 2014 as medical costs rose while revolving credit became less available, according to TransUnion’s latest Healthcare Report. The report found that consumers’ ability to pay for select medical procedures fell by more than 11% last year…Our latest report demonstrates that consumers continue to feel the pressure of rising healthcare costs,” McCarthy said.

Here’s the link to the full article – you’ll need to register to access it but it’s painless and spam-free:  Patient Costs Rise as Ability to Pay Falls.

The data shows that Obamacare is doing exactly what it was designed to do by the big pharmaceutical, hospital and insurance corporations who drafted the legislation and paid their subservient Congressmen to vote for it:   transfer billions from the middle class to pharmaceutical/healthcare/insurance corporatocracy.

Meanwhile, the Taxpayer burden of shouldering the Government subsidies, which go indirectly into the corporatocracy coffers, accelerates as evidenced by the parabolic rise in Treasury debt outstanding.   Thanks Barack!

2 thoughts on “ObamaCare Costs Are Rising – Ability To Pay Falls

  1. Went to the hospital when I hurt my leg. Told them I did not
    have insurance. When the Doctor came in I told him that the
    nurse had said I broke my leg in two places. I then asked the
    Doctor what I should do considering I did not have insurance.
    He said you broke your leg in two places ? Stop going to those
    places. Obama care at work.

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