Only In America And Banana Republics

Many of these people get to worry now about putting food on the table and providing clothing for their children as they watch this criminal CEO walk away from Boeing with $62 million in severance compensation: Boeing’s fired CEO Muilenburg walks away with more than $60 million

Muilenberg isn’t “sorry.” He’s sorry he got caught covering up a defective product and withholding data from the FAA about a plane that turned out to be a flying death trap -he’s sorry he had to face extreme humiliation in public:

“This airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys…I still haven’t been forgiven by God for the covering up I did last year.”

“These newly-released emails are incredibly damning,” Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., said in a statement Thursday night. “They paint a deeply disturbing picture of the lengths Boeing was apparently willing to go to in order to evade scrutiny from regulators, flight crews, and the flying public.”

Not counting Bernard Madoff, the last corporate CEO to spend any jail time in this country was Joe Nacchio for enabling fraudulent accounting at Qwest -that was over 15 years ago. Many people reading this have never head of Nacchio.

Rule of Law is dead for good in this country as it applies to politicians and corporate CEOs.  I would love to be proven wrong about this with an indictment of Muilenberg for overseeing a cover-up that destroyed the lives of more than 300 families and will result in the loss of thousands of jobs.  Sadly,  I am confident no such accountability will occur…

3 thoughts on “Only In America And Banana Republics

  1. The America we grew up in was not perfect but, there still was a
    a rule of law. Muiilenberg would have been brought to justice
    and maybe even given a light sentence for his crimes.
    In today’s society scum like Muilenberg don’t even get a criminal
    slap on the wrist. The average guy get’s pulled over for a broken
    taillight and is interrogated and told to stand on his head and recite
    the alphabet backwards. That’s justice in America today.

  2. Yes, most corporate CEO’s are crooks.
    They simply serve as puppets at the behest of the cartel of the largest institutional shareholders that largely own & control U.S. corps.
    Especially in this day & age of such massive wealth, capital & asset concentration.

    I suggest you read a bit more about Joe Nacchio.

    Qwest, under Nacchio’s direction refused to comply with NSA directives to turn over troves of user phone/communication data.

    “shortly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks America’s three largest telecoms signed contracts to provide the NSA with detailed call records from hundreds of millions of people across the country.”
    Qwest refused.

    Following that refusal, Qwest lost tens to hundreds of millions in government contracts.

    This is how the crony corporatocratic surveillance state works.
    This is the hierarchy of wealth & power.
    Everyone has a master above them, kept subservient via coercion and/or blackmail by those masters.

    This is the wholly corrupt nature of the establishment-controlled system.
    Like an onion with on stinky layer atop another, atop another, etc.

    Qwest Qwest/Nacchio story is so much more detailed and convoluted than can likely be imagined by most people.
    Most people like highly condensed info, thus lacking depth & detail.
    Most people prefer entertaining anecdotes and mere summaries over truth & fact.
    They want & can only consider mere narrative based history.

    Dig deeper.

    Did Nacchio commit real crimes?
    Likely yes.
    But those crimes would have been overlooked had he complied with the larger crooks running the government.

    CEO’s are expendable.
    They, like Politicians, are mere puppets of the wholly corrupted system.
    Neither are sovereigns, but merely glorified slaves.

    “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. One man thinks himself the master of others, but remains more of a slave than they are.”
    -The Social Contract-
    by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    1. Bro I live in Denver – I lived the Nacchio drama day to day. He flew in during week
      on a corporate jet and flew back to his gated home in New Jersey on the weekends.
      He didn’t care about appearances or the legality. He was banged by the SEC for
      fraudulent revenue reporting. Phil Anschutz, who was Chairman of Qwest, I’m sure
      paid him very well on the back-end to take the fall for something Anschutz no doubt
      knew was going on but claimed “ignorance.”

      I know someone who worked for Anschutz and he told me that Anschutz is involved with
      every aspect of his businesses.

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