Operation Mockingbird And The Mainstream Media

Notice how EVERYTHING – even the most trivial of events – on Fox News/Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN and MSNBC is “BREAKING NEWS?” The presentation of the news and the exploitation of sensationalism has itself become an insidious form of propaganda.

Operation Mockingbird was implemented by the CIA in the early 1950’s as operation to influence the media.  The idea is that, regardless of the truth, the first headline read by the public in the media was the version of the news that would stick with the public.  As an example, whenever a bomb explodes somewhere in the U.S., the first headlines that hit the newswires blame it on ISIS.

The genesis of this propaganda tool was Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud), who is credited with being “the guy” behind Joseph Goebbels and the father of the “Virginia Slims Girl,” among another nefarious accolades.

In this latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we discuss the reasons why that, for almost anything connected with politics and economics, the opposite of anything reported by the mainstream media likely the truth.


6 thoughts on “Operation Mockingbird And The Mainstream Media

  1. When it comes to big business (especially banks and insurance companies), any form of government and the mainstream media, I am inclined to believe the opposite of whatever they say. I just flip things around 180° in order to discern what might be remotely true. Especially telling, however, is when a politician denies something. When the scumbag (and 99% of them are scumbags) denies something, then you can be almost 100% certain that the opposite is true.

    “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” (Marcus Aurelius)

  2. Yesterday the ASX bourse was plagued by “glitches” all day in Australia…no mention of tests for kill switches & such….you know Dave I’m convinced that Australia is an absolute testing ground for all the “Spooky” stuff. Australians have a state & MSN that literally pounds into them 24/7 how well informed they are & how lucky we are to have such impartial media. I notice Canadians seem to be spoon fed the same bulls@it. The outcome of which one of the most narcissistic & dumbed down populations on the planet. You should keep your eye on OZ commentary because it really does seem like a road test for the next round of bulls@it to hit the US markets..

  3. Haven’t actually listened to what you guys spoke about, as have been mostly out all day w/ poor mobile connectivity. However, in case you didn’t talk about the outright attempt by US to kickstart World War III, that was THE BIGGEST story of the entire weekend.

    Everything else, including paper metal contracts manipulations, Hitlery election scandal, NY/New Jersey terrorism, Deutsche Bank on deathbed, Federal Reserve interest rate jawboning etc. are all PEANUT stories compared to the seriousness of what US taxpayer money is being utilized for in Syria. Samantha Power had the DESPICABLE gall to accuse Russia & Assad of showboating, as well to walk out of UN security council meeting during Russian secretary’s speech. If you want to talk about Operation Mockingbird, the manner in which US mainstream PROPAGANDA is reporting about this story (reality of how US military is desperately making ISIS strong and using our taxes to do that) is the biggest evidence. If a World War III gets triggered with fears of nuclear warheads flying, no silver or gold matters as much as a hill of beans.

    Along somewhat related lines: It’s quite likely the entire election might get canceled, with deliberate plans for all hell breaking loose (with the sort of incident in Syria), and Hitlery gets discarded into the dumpster. Or an alternate possibility if Hitlery doesn’t die before November, elections still go ahead but Hitlery loses: Federal Reserve could then hike up interest rates around December to crash the whole caboodle, to inflict punishment on American voters for voting incorrectly.

    Of course, it’s impossible to predict how various individual scenarios could play out. But as things stand, World War III is a strong possibility & the biggest risk. If you haven’t had chance to check out evil grandstanding by Samantha Power on Syria, it’s definitely worth the effort.

  4. “Notice how EVERYTHING – even the most trivial of events – on Fox News/Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN and MSNBC is “BREAKING NEWS?” The presentation of the news and the exploitation of sensationalism….”

    The want you to be gobsmacked by the urgency, and buy into the frantic nature of the [reporting of] story of the moment. After that the less-featured but perhaps more important stories slip by, or are not reported at all.

    Distraction technique.

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