Orwell’s “2016:” The System Is Completely Rigged

It is what it is – and what “IT” is, is that we’re living in the vision of the future laid out by George Orwell 70 years ago.   The markets are rigged, elections are rigged; Congress is completely owned by wealthy corporations and individuals;  the power of the Oval Office is owned by wealthiest and most ruthless corporations and individuals:  Wall Street Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Defense, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco.

Most Hillary Clinton supporters know she defines the word “criminality,”  but will vote for her as a vote against Trump.  Think about how absurd that it is.   The system is so completely rigged that even individual thought-process has been hijacked.

Looming on the horizon is a massive financial system nuclear melt-down.   It’s not a question of “If” but of “when.”  It looks like Deutsche Bank will be the catalyst that triggers the daisy-chain of hidden nuclear financial bombs.

In today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth, we explore the degree to which the rigged financial, economic and political system is approaching an event of collapse:


One thought on “Orwell’s “2016:” The System Is Completely Rigged

  1. Rigged is right. Deutsche Bank is in deep trouble. Commerzbank lays of thousands. Funds are selling out of Deutsche Bank assets. And “the gold price”…FALLS???

    Wouldn’t any sane individual or entity recognize a)that economic growth is a thing of the past, b)that “yield” is going extinct and c)that return OF capital trumps return ON capital now?

    You’d think they’d be dumping “risk assets” (like BONDS) for gold…

    Still, lately it looks like there’s a titanic struggle going on within “the gold price”, with powerful forces attempting to hold it below @US$1325 even as immense upward pressure continues…

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