Orwell’s Nightmare In Real-Time

“They” know they are losing control.  “THEY” are the elitists who stand silently – some invisibly – behind Capitol Hill and run the country.  “They” includes the Deep State, CEO’s and directors of the largest corporations and the country’s wealthiest families and individuals.  If you would like to see names of some of the latter, read this:  Meet Wealthy Political Donors.

But that list is far from complete.  Missing are people/families/foundations like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Phil Anschutz and the Walton family.

Also see, Rogue’s Gallery – Exposing the Group of 30, to better understand who writes the monetary policies and be introduced to another branch of “They”. These are real people, not made-for-TeeVee characters, but actually people that dictate our lives.

The United States’ system of Government has become a pure “Money-ocracy.”  If you have enough money in your bank (and you might own the bank) and are willing to write the checks to the proper depositories (like the Clinton Foundation and the DNC, for instance) then you are part of the Money-ocracy.  If you are not part of the Money-ocracy, you are a middle class yeoman and soon a serf (per Warren Buffet).

In today’s Shadow of Truth (aka the RUCK Report – Rainbows, Unicorns and Cute Kittens), we discuss the transformation of the United States into the largest Banana Republic in history:

4 thoughts on “Orwell’s Nightmare In Real-Time

  1. I think the elites are doing the full court press now because they know our economy is one flap of a butterfly’s wings from collapsing. They are pushing for war everywhere – check the latest moves to confer “national reserves” on the phony basis of environmental protection over vast swaths of the ocean in the pacific by both the US (northern Hawaii) and the UK (pitcairns). These are moves to cut off resources to China – note specifically fishing and MINING are included in the language that restricts access to these areas. Of course, the US and (I assume) UK militaries have exemptions and are free to operate in those areas.

  2. 1984 wasn’t a work of dystopian fiction, it was and remains to this day a “how to” manual for the powers-that-be. Room 101, baby.

  3. Hi Dave and Rory,

    Since Iam from EUrope I thought, lets comment on how a foreigner sees your ”election”. I can be short about that, a total sham just as our elections are. I know, at the EU level we have the same corruption and agreed they are paid off by the US. Thats why there are no elections at that level. But here in Holland we kicked out (the voters did) the electronic voting machines since…… well hackable etc. Thats why we have a huge political battle here on this continent about decentralisation vs centralisation and the centralisers are loosing.

    The latest example from my country (that made me happy) is a referendum against the EU Ukrain deal. TPTB dont know how to handle that so they ignore it at big expense. Another succes we had was that the EU demanded at the last EU election to not post exit polls here in Holland. We then had a grass roots movement that used election law to observe the counting of votes in the voting stations and share the results. The results they predicted were more accurate then normal polling predictions 😀

    Two examples how the people of tiny country is standing up against the EU beast and winning. Ofcourse our MSM, politicians and elite are against us. We, just as you guys, know the system is corrupt. The only argument we can have is if its the EUSSR or USSR or both. Sad but true. The advantage we have here in Europe is that the EU is not yet federalised so victories like that are relative easy to achieve compaired to America. Bad thing is at they EU level we even have more lobbyists then there are in Washington.

    Anyway, have a great weekend gentlemen! This were my 2 cents.

    Regards Hugo

    1. Great insight from Holland, Hugo! Thank you. Your country has more history of free trade than anyone except the Chinese. I hope Europeans like You take back, become sovereign again, and then compete based on all the strengths that the educated and hard-working people of Europe have over the rest of the developing nations.. Get rid of the Brussels wet blanket and be free again!

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