Paul Craig Roberts: The Truth Has Been Murdered

The coup in Ukraine is Washington’s effort to thrust a dagger into Russia’s heart. The recklessness of such a criminal act has been covered up by constructing a false reality of a people’s revolution against a corrupt and oppressive government. The world should be stunned that “bringing democracy” has become Washington’s cover for resurrecting a Nazi state.  – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

What amazes me is how quickly the United States’ news gawkers have forgotten the infamous phone recording of Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland – who is a neocon – that was leaked in which Nuland is heard saying “F&ck the EU” in response to the issue of the EU not supporting U.S. efforts to put its own puppet into power in Ukraine (LINK).

Furthermore, it’s been documented that the U.S. spend $5 billion in Ukraine to help overthrow the previous Government and install its own puppet,  Petro Poroshenko (LINK).

The Western media has created a fictional account of events in Ukraine. The coup organized by the Obama regime that overthrew the elected democratic government in Ukraine is never mentioned. The militias decked out in Nazi symbols are ignored.  – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Roberts has authored a must-read commentary on complete death of truthful reporting in the west, especially the United States.  Here’s the link:   Truth Has Been Murdered.

Unfortunately this problem with mainstream U.S. media is getting  worse.  Ironically, with all the facts about what really happened in Ukraine known, one would have thought that Fox News would used as an opportunity to slam Obama and his administration.  But of course, Fox News is first and foremost a neocon-driven news propaganda tool of the highest order.

It’s only a matter time before the Government decides to shut down all alternative news sources on the internet and we will be living in complete Orwellian darkness.

15 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts: The Truth Has Been Murdered

  1. Some asset based liquidity would be sure to help the situation. Seems like the world is starved. Some help without adding more debt would be a Godsend. I think these guys can help … coming to market in early May

      1. I’m certain that you mean well , but I think you’re confusing liquidity and debt. Bankers like to confuse people’s language too. It’s an old marketing trick.

        In this recent debt paradigm of liquidity, we can pretty much say that we have a debt saturation problem, one that is actually hampering liquidity and bringing the world to its knees. Would that be fair ? We need liquidity. What we don’t need is more debt. We need to remove debt. We can’t solve a debt problem by adding more debt to a problem that was caused by debt (which you think of as liquidity).

        What happens when we use real debt-free assets to solve this issue. ? Let’s see.
        We have to create a distinct recognition of whether liquidity is debt based or asset based. Let’s call existing debt based liquidity L1. Let’s now add new asset based liquidity so we can continue to grease the wheels. We’ll call that asset based liquidity L2 ….. so now we have an additional source which totals L1 + L2. It’s a simple hybrid … a yin-yang if you like.

        We can now SAFELY reduce the existing pool of debt (L1) down to safe and manageable levels because the L2 acts as a supplement to support the economy. It’s a market driven displacement.

          1. You seem to think that liquidity without debt associated with it could be a problem. I was sorting out the difference.

          2. You seem to be talking in circles. Start your own blog and wow everyone with your capacity to spin tales imbued with dubious insight.

  2. Here’s an interesting market based tool to support the introduction of debt-free bullion based currency into circulation. It’s market driven and I understand that it will be launching some time in the first week of May. It appears to have the features that would support liquidity while allowing fiat based debt to be purged out of circulation.

    BitGold is a Canadian company. Unfortunately, the accounts will not be open to Americans in May, but most countries around the world are included.

    The part that delighted me the most was that there are no transaction fees to send bullion from account holder to account holder anywhere in the world. It’s quite seamless because everything is denominated in bullion weight.

  3. a little rooster redirection i would say in this comment section. The political subjects are getting hotter on this site.

    i’m seeing this all over the web. the level of propaganda, psyop, and media manipulation is reaching epic proportions. the more i look into this rabbit hole the more i see fraud and hoax at every level. this society is in deep trouble. imo, no tweaking is possible to remedy it. i think the whole thing will come down. it is not fixable.

    we are going to war. the political/military machine of europe and the baltics are in lockstep with the US. eastern ukraine is heating up, attack helicopters from france arriving, military ‘trainers’ embedded with front line ukie units. of course they must have war, and they need it to cover the financial collapse so they can misdirect and spread the blame around.

    i’m a naturally optimistic person, but i am intelligent and diligent in my research and i see where this is heading, and it is a dark place.

    sorry to be so grim. i appreciate dave that you’re willing to put it on the line day after day. it helps to know that various people are not being fooled and that at least some of us will have seen it coming.

      1. hey dave,

        all good except i broke my wrist being tarzan in the jungle. can you tell? i’ll be in colorado early june, hope to reconnect if you’re around. shit, things in the background are heating up everywhere. i can feel it in many blog comment sections. many people are fitting the pieces together. it’s getting so obvious that desperation is setting in, though managed chaos is the name of their game.

        the biggest kicker i have been exploring is the psychological warfare angle on the us population since 47 (cia). did you know that sharon tate’s dad, paul tate ran operation gladio in italy for years and then the family was transferred to LA a couple of years before the manson ‘murders’. tate helped start up the cia lookout mountain in laurel canyon, running psyops and producing propaganda cultural films. long story short, the ‘manson murders’ was a hoax. the whole thing is hilarious. it’s so flippin obvious how it went down once i found the people who are putting this together. americans were super gullible back then. most of the hoaxes we know about recently aren’t using patsies anymore. they are using cia assets and faking their deaths, then giving them new identities in other countries. that is the big mind fuck. victims are hoaxed and perpetrators either don’t exist or are planted cia. think chechen tsarnaev boys connected to ‘intelligence’ family members. it’s all there. many of the manson girls came from ‘intelligence’ families, same goes for many of the early rockers. the whole thing is one giant psyop. hang on to your hat – there’s much more under that tent. the bigger the lie the easier to deceive.

        1. Sorry to here about your wrist. Give me a couple weeks heads up so I can plan on meeting up. I may post your first comment about things heating up as a quote for a blog post.

    1. The political discussion can become a red herring for the underlying truth , which goes back to economics. Doesn’t war always have its rooted conflicts in economics, although “the conflicts” can be dressed up in all kinds of ways ?

      If it wasn’t for overriding debt, would the landscape we see in Greece, in the Ukraine, in Cyprus and in the rest of the global economy even exist ? Debt is the real culprit but people have felt helpless for the most part so they create red herrings.

      People outside the USA will soon be able to help purge systemic debt by introducing bullion based currency into their buying and selling habits. Think of a web based tool that might be similar to PayPal but utilize fully weight backed digital currency where the unit of account (weight) is fully backed, allocated and segregated in the account holder’s name.

      From what I understand, BitGold will be launching sometime in May.

      Just add assets and stir ….. gently. 🙂

  4. Hey Dave thanks as always for your feed. One of the top efforts on the web. FYI I don’t know whether or not to make a big deal of this or not. I got on yesterday to make a donation and take advantage of your offer. Not a big deal it was $20, BTW I hate freaking PayPal especially after they screwed over contributions to the good guys in the Swiss gold referendum fight. So yeah I don’t use them if I have another option. Anyway they asked me to update my profile as my Credit Card has now changed due to getting hacked back in January. I gave them my new card and they indicated it was now limited and to check my email today for new instructions. Well its way past the end of the day and still nothing from them. Not bragging but our FICO score is 829 so we ARE NOT a credit risk. Given their performance on the Swiss Gold Referendum I wonder if they are trying to screw you over too. You have my email would be happy to send you a check if you give me an alternative option.

    Best Regards

    1. Unfortunately Paypal is what I use. Not sure what the problem was in your situation, but I’ve been using Paypal now since I rolled out my research report service about a year ago and it’s been pretty seemless. Thanks for the thought!

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