Peering Down The Rabbit Hole At The Coming Collapse

I was listening to your podcast with the Silver Doctors today and I found it very helpful the way you explained the derivatives problems.  I have been reading Zerohedge for several years and even searched youtube on the subject but you cleared up a lot of the confusion for me.  – reader response from “Lawrence”

Eric Dubin of The News Doctors and  “Doc” of Silver Doctors invited me on to their weekly “Metals & Markets” show this past week.  Rather than reinvent a wheel that has already been manufactured, here’s Eric Dubin’s perfectly good wheel that accompanies the podcast:

Dave Kranzler published a grand slam article last week (click here).  Doc and I were happy he could join us to discuss what I consider to be smoking gun proof that there is a low grade fire burning in the derivatives market, and it could flare-up into a crisis at any time.  You owe it to yourself to read the article, and for more context listen to our discussion.

I forgot to mention in the podcast one additional point:  ECB’s launch of QE would make a rather convenient compliment to any massive swap line that might have been launched between the Fed and the ECB back in that suspect mid December, 2014 period when all this Reverse Repurchase Agreements (RRAs) action was going on to stuff collateral into teetering European banks.  Bloomberg News filed Freedom of Information Act requests on the Fed and ultimately had to sue to find out what the Fed did during the financial crisis.  The Fed flipped Bloomberg the bird, but Bloomberg News won their court case.

That effort, combined with information that came from the very limited audit conducted as a result of Congress getting off their arse and passing Ron Paul’s last “Audit The Fed” bill submission revealed nearly 17 trillion dollars in swap lines and backstops that the Fed initiated.  For example, the Fed “printed” dollars, the ECB “printed” an equal value of euros, and the two institutions swapped the digital fiat currency in a clandestine operation to not only hide the effort to float European-based banks, but to dampen the impact of relative debasement of one currency versus the other — debase both by the same amount at the current exchange rate and the impacts to the exchange rate is dampened.

You can read the rest of this here:   Silver Doctors’ Weekly Metals & Markets.   Here’s the show:

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10 thoughts on “Peering Down The Rabbit Hole At The Coming Collapse

  1. I’ve been a gold advocate for a long time, and like others have seen our investment (or insurance) drop. What are your views on Martin Armstrong who insists gold will drop below $1000 and won’t return to its rally back in 2008.

    1. I guess you are not familiar with Armstrong’s history. I sent this response to a reader who asked me the same thing via email:

      What has Armstrong called “correctly” that a lot other analysts in the alternative media world have missed? Armstrong is a pathological criminal. GATA and Jim Sinclair helped spring him from jail early and as soon as he got out he turned on GATA and Sinclair. He used hand-write market analysis from jail that was very pro-gold and send it to Sinclair for publishing.

      Isn’t it funny that he was pro-gold as long as GATA/Sinclair helped spring him from Riker’s Island early? As it was, he probably had to wait for about 2 years before he could sit down without pain unless he used a hemorrhoid donut.

      I don’t waste brain cells reading anything from Armstrong. He is a sick person and should still be in jail.

  2. Great interview and insights.

    Dave have you been following all of these cash banning and restrictions suggestions coming from the banks and the Swiss?

    Just as an aside and its not a big deal, I never received my reports 🙁
    I typically just trade my fiat for PM’s, not on the NYSE.

    1. Your reports are their way. After the paypal process you get redirected to a “landing” page which has the download links. But no worries, trust me you’re not the first person who has has had trouble with the process. I do have a note on that page which instructs anyone who has download issues to contact me ASAP so I can you the report.

      Thanks for the feedback on the interview!

  3. Dave, your insights put you right up there with Jim Willie, whom I highly respect, sans aliens and underwater prisons.

    Thanks got it!

  4. Dave
    I listened to your podcast with Doc and Eric over the weekend and stated on Silver Doctors that this interview was one the best I’ve heard to months; maybe a key one that outlines the problems we see coming our way by drawing in elements of the financial problems that are endemic right now.
    Reverse Repos appear to be a very large tell in this case
    I posted a very long response to your interview, adding some of my own ideas on SD to reflect what I think is the vital nature of what was discussed and how it reflects the parlous situation in the world today. Like I said, we are one middling sized collapse in a small seemingly insignificant country, Austria comes to mind, and the whole roof comes down. Thanks for contributing your time to Silver Doctors.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! This whole brick shithouse is getting ready to collapse. What’s happening in Baltimore is a sign that the “frogs” are starting to feel the heat from the water boiling. We could start to see civil unrest spread. But it may be what we need to create real change.

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