Pravda: China Has 30,000 Tonnes Of Gold

I have not been able to find any analyst who can say for sure when China will announce the updated status of the PBoC’s (China’s Central Bank) “official” gold holdings.  Even more uncertain is the guesstimates on what number China will report.  While no one expects China to report its true gold holdings, we will be releasing a video on our Shadow of Truth channel shortly in which Alisdair Macleod discusses why he thinks China will report somewhere between 3,500 and 8,100 tonnes.

Pravda published an article in which it asserts that China has accumulated 30,000 tonnes of gold:

According to Duowei News, to ensure its domination, China is saving up gold. According to unconfirmed reports, China already has about 30,000 tons of the precious metal. If this is true, it means that China will be capable of brining the US dollar down in an instant.

You can read the rest of this here:  Pravda/China’s Gold

ChinasgoldWhile no one with any sort of knowledge about the gold market believes that the United States has anywhere close to the 8,100 tonnes it has been reporting since 1971 – in fact, any remaining gold likely has been or will be leased/hypothecated – there is a raging debate as to how much gold China owns.  Again, I believe Alisdair Macleod has what I believe is the most definitive estimate, which he has backed up with painstaking research and documentation:  China’s Gold Strategy

3 thoughts on “Pravda: China Has 30,000 Tonnes Of Gold

  1. Meanwhile the disinformation campaign against gold, by the oligarch controlled media continues unabated, even ratcheting up a notch. To wit;

    The “Economist” latest hatchet job on gold and the “World Gold Council” latest output of so-called statistics saying; global gold demand (YoY) is down – 1% yet in the same breath saying global gold demand is stable! LMAO!

    Both of these organizations put out bogus reports concerning gold and should be read only for the entertainment value. lol

  2. I don’t expect fireworks to come out of China …they don’t want to take credit for torpedoing the debt-fueled bubble or the blame for crashing the system… it’s not their style.

    China will strike a back-room deal (most likely already negotiated) with the West (and the IMF) to either postpone or massively understate their gold holdings. In exchange, China will get to continue accumulating gold at blue-light special pricing and the controllers of the Ponzi scheme get a little more time.

    The fireworks happen when the Ponzi finally implodes and bombs start flying …

    1. I also believe this is most likely to be true. China is definitely not after being that lethal pin to destroy the worldwide debt bubble and bring down her huge US dollar bonds with it. China will use wisdom to push her agenda in a soft power way. But things financially on a global scales seem to be getting out of control too quickly for all parties concerned to be able to pursue their goals. After all, Financial Mother Nature may have it her way..

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