Proof That Gold Is Manipulated Using Paper Gold

It’s so easy to spot, even a caveman using a crayon and a ruler etching lines on graphs and making crystal ball readings could see it (source:  Nick Laird via Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver Daily, edits in color are mine):


This graph shows the average intra-day price movements of gold over a 5-yr period.  As you can see, on average over 5 years, during the time of day when the Asian physical delivery markets are open, the price of gold has positive returns.  During the time period when the Lonon/US fractional-hypothecated fiat paper gold markets are open and Asia is closed, the price of gold declines.

The red circles show the downward spike that occurs going into the London a.m. AND p.m. price “fixings.”  The green circle shows the price adjustment that occurs after NY is closed for the evening and the night time Globex session commences.  This is clearly buyer demand jumping in to buy gold that was artificially taken down in price during London and NY trading hours.

People, this is a 5yr daily data series.  It would be hard to create a data pool with better statistical correlation characteristics using a 99% confidence interval . It shows the behavior, on average of the price of gold over the last five years on a daily basis.  There can me no mistake that the price of gold trades at a higher price level during the Asian trading hours than it does during the London/NY trading hours.  Even more significantly, there can be no argument that the price of gold is manipulated lower going into the “benchmark” price setting London price “fix” operations. The price is fixed alright – it’s fixed lower.  This is evidence that would make the OJ Simpson defense team blush.


20 thoughts on “Proof That Gold Is Manipulated Using Paper Gold

  1. This is the modus operandi of not only the gold market, but many others, mainly on the London Metals Exchange (LME) aided and abetted by the bullion banks, backed by the “Insiders” in whose interest they act.

    No surprise here, as long as the sheeple have their bread & circuses to amuse them!

  2. This gold manipulation has been going on for a long time.
    I think these past few weeks the manipulation has intensified
    due to the vote due in Switzerland on the gold referendum.
    The Japanese going full retard on Friday just added fuel to the
    Fiat fire. I just know that when the whole shit house blows I
    will be more comfortable holding metals then paper.
    My only worry is that I don’t get a lot of shit on me.

  3. Buy some physical,then buy some more, again and again.
    Don’t use currency you need for rent and groceries and you will be alright.
    I have a gut feeling that the bad guys want physical too .
    The freakin world is going to want to have some and silver ,Omg, yes silver!,,,,
    When they realize there is very little silver lying around I think silver will go to a min,
    Of 555. If you know what I mean .

  4. Good Lord, we’re doomed-

    -Remember back in 2008 when one financial entity (Lehman Brothers) caused the dominoes to fall and nearly take down the financial world with it?
    With the financial world so intertwined, we now face two terrible scenarios with this BOJ buying all Japanese Bonds theme,
    1. Eventually we repeat 2008 with no guarantee of a rescue,
    2. The rest of the central bankers, especially the US Fed, take a page from the BOJ playbook and the whole shebang eventually implodes and we get world wide Wiemar.

    Got gold?
    Got silver?
    Got lead?

  5. Sold 25% of my phys gold when the fraudulent paper price broke below the infamous “triple bottom” ~ I am not FX savvy, but seems deflation is winning in the commodity space and with recent Japan news, figure I might be able to buy cheaper before the eventual re-emergence of US overt QE. Won’t get burned too badly if I’m wrong.

  6. Thanks for the data mining activity. My recent sale price purchases of mining stock are going to pay BIG dividends, maybe 1000+ % when the precious metals becomes a bigger part of the world currency SDR’s and the US dollar becomes again, a local currency backed by Washington hot aire.

  7. Can’t wait for zero/
    only 2 more minor longterm barriers to smash thru for that:
    HUI a lousy point now today above its OCT/2008 low—2000 low is around 35.
    HUI:GOLD at or within the 3rd decimal of ATL (around .130)

    Gold fell to a four-year low of $1,137.10 an ounce today, below production costs for seven of 19 mining companies tracked by Bloomberg Intelligence, including Harmony Gold Mining Co., South Africa’s third-largest producer, and Primero Mining Corp. (P) Two more producers are within $50 of the figure.

    1. I think it would be price change but remember its 5 years of daily data and the graph shows what the price does when the Asian physical markets are open vs. the London/NY paper markets.

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