Propaganda And Precious Metals

As gold reaches for higher prices and gains more attention, the propagandists are flooding the news outlets with articles on the virtues of investing in the stock market and the evils of precious metals – Silver/devil. The Ponzi must continue at all costs. The U.S. dollar, at present the worlds reserve currency, is a corrupt, blood-soaked instrument of debt. The privately owned Federal Reserve, who gets it’s marching orders from the Treasury Secretary, is working overtime to destroy the value of the dollar, enabling the elitists to use it as wealth confiscation tool. We find ourselves in the end game for this currency. How long can the end game continue? As long as it suits the corrupt banking cabal and corrupt politicians. Once these two groups of criminals have themselves positioned properly outside the U.S. dollar, the plug will be pulled. Until then, gather as much gold and silver as your budget will allow.

12 thoughts on “Propaganda And Precious Metals

  1. This 2016 election is a total charade & disgrace. The country (and pretty much entire world) is literally screwed. Chris Duane (friend of liberty community) is absolutely correct. Nobody should participate & vote in these elections.

    Anybody (and especially those in liberty community who claim to be “awake”) who believes that voting for Donald Trump is a solution is A MORON. The guy is a narcissistic freak with attention span of an ADHD kindergarten kid, who couldn’t care less about anything that really matters to any other human being. I don’t believe he ever heard of the term “United States Constitution” in his life.

    Hitlery is a known psychopath war criminal, who realistically belongs at a Nuremberg Trial.

    The “3rd party” candidates are all flawed. So-called “Libertarian” party candidate is in favor of Fascist TPP treaty which is exponentially worse than NAFTA, doesn’t understand the the workings and history of Federal Reserve, or know what the Exchange Stabilization Fund is. (Or pretends not to know.) Other few candidates are bunch of Communists.

    Nobody should show up on election day. What would happen if they held elections and nobody showed up? Is there a minimum required threshold for percentage of eligible voters required for the election to be certified as legitimate?

  2. Another hit piece on gold by none other than USA Today on Thursday found here:

    And after all of the trashing of investing in gold in the article, he finally mentions that if you still really, really, really want to invest in gold, then do it through an ETF:

    “For that portion of your real-asset allocation that you do decide to invest in gold, perhaps the easiest way to do so is via an exchange-traded fund: The SPDR Gold Trust (GLD). This ETF, which you can invest in as easily as any stock, is designed to rise and fall in lockstep with the price of gold itself. Its expenses are 0.40% per year, or $40 per $10,000 invested.”

    What a blockhead.


  3. Hi Dave,

    I think it’s a mistake to promote Bitgold. People should understand its weaknesses. If you want an unallocated account it’s better to do it with Bullion Vault. It’s straighforward and no promising anything. Of course the truly safe way is to either store the real metal yourself or pay a secure vault to store it in total segregation. I know it costs more but it’s the old fashioned way.

    You know that Peter Schiff, who attacked Bitgold just a few months ago, combined forces now with Bitgold. Here is a great explanation of why Bitgold is bad.

    Also here is the talk by Schiff before he switched sides a few months ago also clearly explaining why Bitgold is bad.

    1. BitGold offers an allocated account, not unallocated, per their description. Surely, having PM under your physical control is first in line, then you can pursue the vaulted option. Then there’s the need for easy redemption – BitGold has a mastercard debit card. Pretty nifty – where else are you going to get that service??

      Everything is a risk these days. BitGold is just one of a number of solutions for spreading around your wealth.

      1. Hi Andy,
        I don’t know how Bitgold will have a viable business model if most people (if not all) will never redeem their gold either asking for delivery nor transferring it into their debit card. If most people will use Bitgold as a free storage vehicle then I think Bitgold will be in trouble because how else would they make money. They only make money if people redeem it. In the meantime storage fees are very expensive. Just ask any company whose primary business is it. I myself will never redeem the gold until either I’m desperately in need of cash (which this account would be the last one to do that) or gold skyrockets to $5,000. Otherwise my gold is going nowhere. But as you say everything is a risk even having a lot of money in the US banks so you may as well have some of it in Bitgold. Just don’t put all of eggs in this basket.

        1. Hi Gary,

          I agree that BitGold should only be one of the eggs in your basket. More important is physical PM in your possession.

          Perhaps BitGold is a bit early in this market and won’t make its best returns until people use their debit card or transfer back into fiat. At present they do take 1% when you ‘deposit’ your money into BitGold, so they already take 1/2 of their charges.

          Also, when gold does its big moves and the market for PM heats up in the future, there will be a lot of back and forth buying and selling. Not everybody is just going to sit on their gold. I think the main risk for BitGold is the delay in the arrival of this type of market.

          It will be interesting to follow Jeff Nielson’s (Bullion Bulls) upcoming 3 part expose on BitGold. He seems to think it will be difficult to extract your asset if the dollar collapses to 0.

          1. I have a problem with all of the cheap or free gold storage programs even though I have an account at Bullion Vault myself. In a global financial and currency meltdown I doubt that you could get your money or gold out of these programs. I like Bitgold in that you can redeem your gold into either your credit card (unfortunately being a US resident is not available) or can have it delivered. By the way the argument that the gold cubes that you would receive from Bitgold won’t help you because they’re not recognizable like Gold Eagles or ML doesn’t wash with me. You just have the gold cubes assayed by any gold shop and you’re good to go. It’s no different than owning generic silver rounds. My hesitation with Bitgold is its viability as a business middle term and what would happen if their business fails; would you get your gold or funds back. Whereas with Bullion Vault they’ve been around for a very long time so I trust it more.

            However again as I said before you have to weigh the risks between leaving your money in a TBTF bank or in a program like Bullion Vault or Bitgold. At least having your money tied up in physical bullion whether it’s the allocated or unallocated form is probably safer than having your fiat currency in digits in some TBTF bank that goes belly up.

  4. As it has been an EXTRAORDINARY weekend, with the WikiLeaks Democrat Party scandal, pls share following 2 videos documenting Hitlery’s criminality far & wide.

    Something very hectic & exciting is in the air, you can actually smell it. This might just be the week (or upcoming month of August) that Hitlery crumbles into the ground for good, and takes down whatever is left of her propaganda North Korean media with her.

  5. And also 1 more, forgot to include in earlier post:

    Hitlery is a threat to existence of ALL mankind on the entire planet. Hitlery literally belongs at a Nuremberg trial, along with other cohorts like Dick Cheney etc. It is a matter of extreme urgency that Hitlery is removed from any semblance of power.

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