Putin To CIS Countries: Get Rid Of The Dollar

Putin has drafted a bill that would eliminate the use of the U.S. dollar and the euro from trade between and among CIS countries. The CIS countries are: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

This is yet another step in eliminating the reserve currency status of the dollar. I’m sure the U.S. won’t take this move by Putin and lightly and I expect to see an escalation in the U.S. media’s anti-Russia propaganda and perhaps renewed escalation in the United States’ meddling in Ukraine.

You can read the entire news release here: RT Business

Between China’s move to start unloading it’s $1.2 trillion hoard of Treasuries and Russia’s overt antagonism toward the dollar, it’s pretty clear that the world’s transition away from a U.S.-centric system is picking up speed.

The biggest risk in my mind is not the societal fallout from the inevitable financial that will accompany the removal of the dollar from global financial system, it’s the destruction to humanity that will occur when the neocon-controlled U.S. Government takes military action to defend the dollar and the power that comes with being the sole-issuer of the world’s reserve currency.

9 thoughts on “Putin To CIS Countries: Get Rid Of The Dollar

  1. It’s funny I used to think that a credit collapse that would be too much under a gold standard, but after listening to Jason Burack and a Mise’s (sic) institute podcast I just can’t see any other way to preserve what little capital anyone has in this system to reboot. These infinite credit guy’s are gonna drag us back to the stone age.

  2. The world (by way of the market) can create a symbiotic relationship with the dollar by supporting and circulating gold as a form of debt-free liquidity. This will aid and assist the dollar by allowing more prudent management on the basis that debt can be responsibly retired because of the asset based addition to liquidity.

  3. It’s gonna suck big ones even if your prepped and holding PM’s. For the 98%+ of the sheeple in the US, it’s gonna be the old Dave K. 2×4 in the back of the
    head and a massive kick in the nuts, but its going to be necessary, for the US to create a different path then the one its currently on if were going to make it in
    a non-US Reserve currency world.

      1. ‘Send lawyers guns and money to get me out of this’ – W. Zevon

        Dave is right. Unless you are extremely wealthy and can move to South America then you are going to have a hard time avoiding collateral damage. Heck, SA may not work either but you might not have to dodge fallout.

    1. “…its going to be necessary, for the US to create a different path then the one its currently on…”

      Right on!

      It’s going to be bad (agree w/ Dave re. something a la “The Road”), but somehow folks need to consider what comes out of this s#@tfest — more of the same only worse, or something 200% new? Maybe finally getting rid of things like socialism?

      Socialism/collectivism = victimhood; need to opt out of that entirely and go for personal responsibility and self-empowerment.

  4. I think during and especially after the crash, which they may be in part deliberately stoked since there is really no other options at this point, they will probably try to push for a cashless system in my opinion – see the latest about their justification from The Financial Times – http://www.globalresearch.ca/financial-times-calls-for-abolishing-cash-to-give-more-power-to-central-banks/5472522. That seems to be when the real fun begins. The police state, national security state and surveillance state have been set up and every day grows bigger and more pervasive. When the crash happens, they will say for national security reasons we are going to do this and that. Possibly confiscate this and that (reference continuity of gov’t stuff and recent executive orders), etc etc for you know the ‘good’ of people of the US and to maintain order and our government. Never mind that it is just to keep the psychopaths elite in power and maintain their dominance over all of us. Should be fun times. You never know there may be some hope that the crash gets out of hand and their self-serving plan doesn’t come to fruition, but then we are probably looking at a systemic collapse of society in that case. Maybe Russia and China balance things out and keep it from happening depending on one’s perspective of the nature of those in control at the top pulling the strings.

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