R.I.P. Vox Populi: Democracy Is Dead In The U.S. – Your Vote Is Worthless


Mind-blowing simply can not describe the realization that this country’s populace is willing to accept Hillary Clinton as a bona fide Presidential candidate.  The fact that anyone is willing to support her candidacy is beyond imaginable.  Notwithstanding her known illegal activities in her career as an attorney while her husband was Governor of Arkansas and then when he was running for President;  notwithstanding all the scandals to which she was connected while her husband was in the Oval office;  the fact that Hillary is now the Democratic front-runner in the Presidential race is the direct manifestation of just how far into the abyss toward collapse that the United States has fallen.

Based on all the evidence, there is no question that Hillary has been completely “captured” by Wall Street’s siren call of riches.  Both she and her husband have been paid millions by the Too Big To Fail banks for speech-making appearances.  Hillary’s  public financial disclosures show she earned $2,935,000 from 12 speeches to Wall Street banks alone from 2013 – 2015;  Deutsche Bank paid her $485,000, Goldman Sachs an astonishing $675,000 for a single speech. Wall Street banks are her leading campaign contributors.

What could either Bill or Hillary possibly teach these bankers other than how to break the law and get away with it?  This speaks nothing to the fact that Hillary has been exposed for selling National policy initiatives to the highest bidder abroad per her emails which were hacked and exposed.  The entire spectacle of Hillary’s campaign is a nightmare  beyond imigination turned into reality.

On the other side of the “aisle” is Donald Trump, who’s improbable run for the Presidency has turned into a cult of personality parade that gains more popular support by the day.  And for good reason.  Trump’s support base is comprised of everyone in the U.S. who is fed up with the openly flaunted corruption and fraud conducted daily by the DC and Wall Street elite.   His message and the manner in which it is delivered appeals to a growing majority of Americans who, up until now, have felt powerless to do anything about the criminals who have overtaken our system.

Make no mistake, I’m not in support of Trump as President anymore than I am of Clinton. I’m just pointing out that Trump represents a voice in this country that has been snuffed out by a political process which has been overrun by the big money that has completely enslaved DC in its entirety.

The DC and Wall Street establishment are terrified by Trump.  He can self-fund his campaign and therefore is not dependent on the flood of money thrown at politicians by Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Defense, Unions, Soros, Buffet and Walmart.  Perhaps emblematic of this is Fox News, which is Rupert Murdoch’s personal neocon propaganda generator. Fox News has thrown overt support behind every pathetic Republican contender except Trump.  I was quite entertained watching the network do it’s best to revive Jeb Bush from a political coma.  The network will probably still promote his candidacy even though it’s now buried along side Jimmy Hoffa.

After Super Tuesday establishes Trump as the outright leading candidate from either Party to be the next President, I expect that the inside elite will go to work implementing some kind of plan to sabotage Trump.   The Washington Post featured an article about 10 days ago which explained that the Republican “elite” are terrified of Trump:  GOP elites just became even more nervous about a Trump nomination LINK.

At this point in time if the Presidential election held today, I would bet big that Trump would be elected.   Because of this, the establishment DC and corporate/banking insiders are going to do what it takes to defy the voice of the public and do everything within their means to dispose of Trump.   It’s going to get weird, no doubt.

Make no mistake, democracy is dead in the United States.  Any last remnants were shattered with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.  If you don’t know about this case and its significance, your “right” to vote should be revoked.  

Beyond the fact that big money is completely in control of the Government, the election process in this country has been reduced to nothing more than the political reality tv version of The Jerry Springer show.  Casting a vote is nothing more than a time-wasting affirmation of one’s support for a system that has failed.  I’m sorry, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus and your vote does not matter.

13 thoughts on “R.I.P. Vox Populi: Democracy Is Dead In The U.S. – Your Vote Is Worthless

  1. In my view Trump is a demagogue in the same class as Hitler /Mussolini . I think the choice between a felon and a demagogue is a choice between which level of the Inferno one chooses to live in….the only saving grace is that this nightmare will only last for at least 50 years

  2. The elite Repub’s are going to run a “wild card” candidate who will split the right of center vote, therefore handing the presidency to Hitlery.
    The beltway, wall street and elite repub’s are more frightened of “The Donald” than they are of a completely “to big to fail” controlled Hitlery.
    If this poor excuse of American womanhood gains the oval office…
    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the…

  3. TPTB won’t allow Trump to gain the presidency, period. Even if he could get elected, the system is still rotten to the core. It needs to fall. The idea that Trump could go in there and clean house is preposterous. There is too much systemic corruption. Might as well sit back and watch the Hitlery take the mantle and start WWIII and the big financial reset. This country needs catharsis. It will happen no matter which candidate gets elected, because this ship is going down. Might as well have the neocons take the full heat with Hitlery at their lead.

    1. “The idea that Trump could go in there and clean house is preposterous.”

      I don’t think even he believes he could change much; like other politicians he says what people want to hear that are likely to, or can be swayed by talk and tirades, to vote for you.

      The best local radio station for traffic is a talk radio format. Listening while I drove to an early evening meeting in Atlanta, I heard all these people who really think if elected he will changes things. Wow.

  4. “May you live in interesting times.” – Chinese proverb (or curse depending on your perspective)


    “Every nation has the government it deserves.” (“Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.”) – Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821).


    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

    We are at an important juncture here, now in America. Are we at end of the Constitutional Republic and end of empire, or will the 2016 elections bring real “hope and change”? Clearly Hitlery (socialist/felon) will not change the outcome (i.e. Obama 3.0). There is some hope with Trump since he’s the only political outsider. Time will tell. Certainly the American people have failed in their civic responsibility by allowing a completely captured and corrupt system to perpetuate itself. I blame the “Free Sh*t Army” + America’s fascination with Socialism (quote above), the RINOs, and a turning away from the Judeo-Christian values of the Founding Fathers.

    “In those days Israel had no king; all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.” – Judges 21:25

    History says that everyone willing and able may need to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights soon.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

  5. The fact that the powers that be are terrified of Trump makes me support him. He is as vindictive as a Mafia don and if elected he will go after the neoconservatives IMO. The only reason they have not been taken down is because no one has gone after them for their treasonous acts. All Trump has to do IMO is release the 28 page 9-11 report. That in itself won’t do it but it will lead to demands for a new independent 9-11 investigation. If that happens then these traitors are toast.

  6. Citizens United – Why is it that every organization, .gov bill, .gov subcommittee, etc that has a name that is calming and benign but represents the opposite.

    What I’d do for a Citizen’s for Electro-Convulsive Political Action (CECPA for short)…that one I’d join.

  7. I refuse to voluntarily participate in my own enslavement by casting a ballot for some scumbag politician who feeds me a load of sugar coated crap so that he can acquire the power to tell me how he thinks I should live my life. F**k that, I’ll live my own life the way I see fit, thank you very much. The politicians don’t give a shit, never have given a shit, and based on that track record, never will give a shit about us. Parasites, the lot of them. That people keep voting for them means either they have very short memories, or they enjoy taking it up the wazoo. On election day, and every day, I will vote for the one candidate who has my best interests at heart: myself.

  8. There is no way in Hades I am voting for Hitlery. Sanders might pull an upset but I have reservations that he will, he is running against Hitlery and the Dumbocrat party so he has an uphill fight on his hands. Socialist or not, he is still a zillion times more honest than a Clinton could ever hope to be.

    The Dumblican candidates are all bought and paid for by Wall Street and the big banks, except for Trump and maybe Carson.

    If Trump is knocked out I will just write in a candidate for president-
    Putin for President! If Cruz the Canadian can run for president why not Vlad?
    Technically Putin is the least awful compared to Clinton or Trump.

  9. Agree 100%, Dave. We do not have democracy in the US. We have a soft form of fascism in the US.

    There is no meaningful difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. The Trump vs. Clinton show is entertaining kabuki theater for the masses, nothing more. Think: WWE. A staged contest consisting of pumped up showmen feigning anger and faking a fight while the crowd goes crazy, and then when the show is over both actors get paid by the same organization.

    Sure, Trump and Clinton differ philosophically, but they are owned and controlled by the same deep state actors. Any rational person (which by definition does *not* include those who vote) can see that the two-party political system is rouse designed to create an illusion of “democracy” designed to delude the citizens into a false belief that they have the power, when in fact they have none. The system we have today was set up to ensure that elections don’t matter. The act of voting an exercise in futility. Regardless of which party is in power or which candidate sits in the oval office, the status-quo will be maintained and the deep state will remain firmly in control.

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