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Before I post a couple of excellent responses, I wanted to put Gary Hart’s comments in context.  First, he is and always will be a politician.  Therefore his personal views will have an element of “lipstick beautification” applied.  By default at his core he – like all politicians – tries to be a people-pleaser.   But having said that, I applaud Hart’s courage for offering an honest and brutal assessment of the current political and economic system. He is the first politician – including Ron Paul – who has been willing to publicly condemn our Government as being outright “corrupt.”  Name one other politician who has used that specific word.   My hat’s off to any politician who is willing to do that.

Reader “Guy:”

Excellent article Dave!

Yesterday there was a parade in town (we live near a small town of about 4000 people…very rural). To my wife and I, as we drove through town to meet a friend, we wondered what these people are thinking (those setting up chairs along the parade path in advance of the parade)? What I mean is they have no clue what is happening to this country. Celebrate July 4? Are they kidding us? Does anyone of them know the real significance of July 4, 1776 and what led up to that date? I looked at the people’s eyes and their physical condition (lot of fat) and could see “brain dead”. It’s something I can feel based upon years of experience. It’s sort like they are drugged. They simply don’t comprehend events around them in a manner that would result in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. They are mentally handicapped.

Gary Hart made this statement: “The people of this country are smart, and they want candidates who can say, “And here’s what I think we should do about it,” in very specific terms.” Being a politician, he avoided the truth about people in this country in the collective sense. In our humble opinion, the collective in this country (and abroad, too), are just plain brain dead (stupid). Of course, this is what they (those who think they are in power over us) desire. As such, to those that “know” the score, these people are our enemy (the brain dead), too.

On the subject of the Civil War and the ending of slavery as discussed by Gary Hart, he’s got that all wrong. This shows what he does not know about history. Again, he shows his “politician” sense. The Civil War has the appearance of the “slavery” issue as we were taught. Slavery was promoted to the people at that time to gain support in the north for war (sound familiar?). The real issue was taxation imposed by the north on the south because the south was importing machinery, goods, etc. from Europe instead of purchasing same from northern factories (European trade benefited the south because of lower prices that what the north offered). How many know this? Do the research. We have been lied to and it started a long time ago.

Reader Titus:

 “And as you can see, in the debate over the Confederate flag, we still haven’t gotten it totally right.”

It’s not clear what Hart means here, but I suspect he’s the one who has it wrong here. The Civil War was very much about sovereignty and the power of the people (in this case people living in southern states) to live under their own laws and free of laws that were imposed on them from Washington, D.C. Not everyone–and certainly not every state, which are supposedly sovereign–consented to those laws. This is crucial, because it was consent–and only consent–on which the drafters of the Declaration of Independence based the colonies’ legal right to jettison what they saw as an unjust regime.

Both the south and the colonists had withdrawn their consent. That Hart disagrees with the reasons that one aggrieved group withdrew its consent and agrees with the other is wholly irrelevant. What is relevant is the withdrawal of popular consent, end of story.

After the Declaration, many signers were hunted down and killed. Similarly, it’s no accident that the Civil War accounts for nearly half (620,000–only a tiny fraction of whom owned slaves, incidentally) of the American deaths in her wars.

The stakes don’t get any higher than when sovereignty is at stake.

And today, sovereignty is at stake once again in the form of the TPP. It should be front and center in the national debate, since it’s the life and death of sovereign America that’s at stake.

Hart says nothing about this, a curious omission by someone who tells us he’s so concerned about sovereignty and the power of the people, which is about to vanish down the shithole of history.

Other than completely fucking up the most important thing he was talking about in that interview, Hart was dynamite.

I appreciated Titus’ comment even more on my second read-thru.  I did offer that the TPP was likely above the scope and context of the Westword interview and certainly above the scope of most Denver Westword readers, half of whom are stoned most of the time.

However Titus brings up a spectacular point here.  Given the fact that the TPP, once ratified, will usurp the Constitution as the supreme body of law governing the United States, it is beyond pathetic that every single Congressman and Senator is refusing to go public with the details of the TPP Agreement.  Are you afraid of a little jail time, Elizabeth?  Bernie?  Rand?  

Where are these cowards and hypocrites who refuse to defend the rights of the American public?

Where are these supposed politicians of, by and for the People?  Why are they not standing up for what’s right and telling the world what is in the TPP Agreement?  Apparently the terms of the Agreement are so horrific to the populace and so beneficial to the big corporations who drafted the Agreement that it requires the threat of jail to deter any disclosure.

Once the TPP Agreement is ratified, it will mark the end of the United States as it was founded and has existed for 239 years.

3 thoughts on “Reader Response To Gary Hart

  1. Dave…outstanding!!! Keep up the excellent writing and thank you for everything you are doing to help educate those of us who had a chance to experience the very best America had to offer (I am 70 and grew up in a small town in southern Indiana).

  2. A couple weeks back governor la’page in Maine said they were all corrupt down in Washington Dc. He’s been the best thing for Maine in 40+ years.

  3. Thank you for this great article.
    You invited to name the first politician who has been willing to publicly condemn your Government as being outright “corrupt.” Name one other politician who has used that specific word. My hat’s off to any politician who is willing to do that.

    My hat’s off for Gustavus Myers, who in the 1890s became a member of the People’s Party (commonly known as the “Populists”), later joining the Socialist Party of America (SPA). Myers split with the Socialist Party in 1917 over the SPA’s position against US involvement in World War I and decided to concentrate on writing. His History of the Great American Fortunes clearly describes the American way of business by corrupting politics.

    May his work be proceeded by many honest other politicians like Gary Hart.

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