Repos, Money Printing and Paper Gold: It’s One Massive Manipulation

The paper gold derivative open interest on the Comex continues to hit success all-time highs.  This is no coincidence, as the Fed has restarted the money printing press in what ultimately will be a catastrophically failed effort to prevent the coming global credit and derivatives melt-down.  The successive daily all-time highs in the stock market, believe it or not, is evidence that the wheels are coming off the global financial system.

The melt-up in paper gold contracts mirrors the melt-up in the Dow/SPX – both are frauds. Kerry Lutz me invited onto this podcast to discuss the truth behind the repo programs and why the asset bubbles blown by the Fed could be getting ready to pop:

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3 thoughts on “Repos, Money Printing and Paper Gold: It’s One Massive Manipulation

  1. Congratulations to the cabal on the PM smack down. With infinite dollars, they can do whatever they want. Don’t see how asset bubbles can pop when the Fed & ESF is there to prevent it from happening 24/7. There has to be some kind of existential event that would have to happen and that would not be DB. DB would be nationalized by the German Government and bailed out by the German people.

    China coming out with a cryptocurrency backed by gold would qualify. China allowing trillions of debt to default and cause all world-wide stock markets to crash. Only China can cause upheaval so someone needs to light a fire under Xi’s rear end and do it fast.

  2. Gold Open Interest, as of yesterday, is almost 828,000 contracts. I guess that answers my question about how far they’ll go. It seems they are immune to risk, because this is a market of self-dealing (wash trades within the cartel), they have Fed indemnification of losses or, probably both.

  3. I guess the number I read was actually volume, because today the published final, Friday open interest for gold is 705,190 contracts. Not much of a decline afters yesterday’s whacking.
    Something definitely different going on in this round of the wash, rinse, repeat cycle of gold manipulation.

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