Shadow of Truth Ep 14 – Bill Murphy: The Man Banned From CNBC For Telling The Truth

Anyone who denies that gold and silver are manipulated either has not spent time examining the evidence or is financially incentivized to refute all allegations.   In other words, they are either ignorant or willfully corrupt. This includes the entire universe of politically corrupt western Central Bankers and professionally criminal Wall Street bankers. But first and foremost it includes all three branches of Government.

The manipulation is seeded by the U.S. Treausry’s Exchange Stabilization Fund, which was first established in 1934 as a currency “stabiliaztion” mechanism. Well guess what? Back then gold and silver were used as a currency. The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission was set up to enforce the rules in place to prevent futures manipulation.  For some reason, the CFTC has discovered and prosecuted manipulation in just about every  futures market except gold and silver, despite an inexhaustible effort by many organizations and individuals,  which have flooded the CFTC with compelling evidence.

One such organization is GATA – the Gold Anti-Trust Action committee, founded by Bill Murphy and Chris Powell. They founded GATA in 1998 in order to expose the massive gold manipulation scheme by the western Central Banks. The goal was to not just to bring about regulatory change but to compel enforcement of the laws which already exist. If you have not done so, spend some time perusing the GATA archives ( Articles), which contain countless irrefutable studies proving  that the gold and silver markets are rigged to an astonishing degree of repetition and blatancy.

Unfortunately, as we have all discovered, any effort in Congress to audit the Fed, all attempts make Freedom Of Information Act inquiries about the Fed’s gold trading activities and all initiatives to hold the Fed accountable for the gold it reports to be in its vaults have been denied by the impentrable wall of corruption and fraud that separates Washington DC and Wall Street from truth and justice.

Rory and I hosted GATA co-founder Bill Murphy for a very lively and information discussion about GATA and its efforts to shine the light of truth of the world’s oldest currency and only true form of honest money.

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5 thoughts on “Shadow of Truth Ep 14 – Bill Murphy: The Man Banned From CNBC For Telling The Truth

  1. Can’t deny manipulation but if the ultimate mission statement is to have PM’s monetized with the precursor being the introduction of free floating currency (to act as real-time measures for weight), then not letting the bullion prices run away, as yet, would seem like a likely scenario.

    Look for the final model to be a yin-yang of circulating debts and assets that make for a symbiotic dance of demand driven liquidity and total debt management.

  2. Yes, Dave, I agree, one day we wake up and something has changed big time. But to be honest with you, I hope that this will only affect the precious metals in a positive sense, but on the other hand I fear that this could be a kind of military event, something like Israel has started attacking Iran, or an US military aircraft has been downed over Ukraine…..I think you get where I am going with that. Let’s hope I will be proven wrong.

  3. An excellent interview with the irrepressible Bill Murphy. His positive attitude has helped keep me from giving up on gold and silver. I agree that we could see a step function change in the price of gold and silver similar to what happened with the Swiss Franc. For that reason I always keep a call option position in place despite how financially painful that has been.

  4. At the moment i think its´very important to be prepared and have the positions setup.

    When there´s no more physical to be delivered the scam will be exposed for what it is and hopefully there will be whistleblowers calling the bluff and admitting that they only are offered cash settlement or worthless toilett paper.

    Then it´s over for the FED, Comex, LBMA, USD and the other scumbags participating in the scam.

    I think they are in big trouble getting the physical in order to deliver so you have to be positioned right now.

    This will happen so fast that you must be in place before the “event” otherwise you will have no chance.

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