Shadow of Truth Market Update: Another Nail Is Pounded Into The Dollar’s Coffin

While most people and the media associate the “BRICS” most commonly with Russia and China – perhaps because the neo-cons who control the U.S. Government and media have forced this illusion on the unsuspecting American public – let’s not forget that the “S” in “BRICS” stands for “South Africa.”

Huh? South Africa?  Isn’t that some British outpost in Africa?  Let’s not forget that South Africa is the fifth largest gold producing country in the world.  It also is the world’s largest exporter of platinum and chromium and produces and sells a hulluva a lot of iron ore.

My colleague Rory Hall of The Daily Coin happened to find an article in The BRICS Post online which reported that South Africa was now conducting over 30% of its trade with China directly in yuan.  China is by far South Africa’s largest trading partner.  The trend in China’s bilateral trade settlement in rand/yuan with S. Africa underscores the movement in world trade away from using the U.S. dollar.

In the Shadow of Truth’s latest Market Update segment, Rory and I discuss this development, as well as what appears to be one massive bottom forming in the ability of the paper gold criminals to push gold much lower.  Make no mistake, as this earlier post today illustrates,there is an enormous bid for physical gold in the market.  And that bid is coming from both China and India now.

As Jim Willie stated, the dollar will not collapse per se, it will vanish. One of the best ways a smaller investor can take advantage of this insight besides accumulating physical gold and silver is to implement bearish bets on teh stock market. One of the biggest individual stock bubbles of all time has formed in’s stock. I have written a uniquely in-depth research report which I’m in the process of updating and revising. I have new insights which come from a reader who is a tech company accounting specialist. In fact, one of the manipulation tricks being used was alerted to him from an insider.

AMZN implements misleading and arguably fraudulent accounting in order to present the illusion that produces “free cash flow.” In fact, AMZN burns cash like a Weimar-era furnace fueled by printed marks. My existing report is available here:  AMAZON dot CON.  Anyone who has already purchased it prior to the release of updated report will receive the updated version. Once the updated report is released, I will be raising the price.

This report also includes capital management strategies which are necessary when shorting any stock and options strategies for anyone not comfortable shorting stocks. There has never been a comprehensive analysis of AMZN’s accounting like I present in my work. When this market rolls over, small fortunes will made by anyone with the patience to set up an AMZN short position ahead of the crash.

5 thoughts on “Shadow of Truth Market Update: Another Nail Is Pounded Into The Dollar’s Coffin

  1. I believe South Africa was a Dutch outpost in Africa. It doesn’t really matter if it was Dutch or British. They’re Royals are all a bunch of inbred freaks.

    1. Royals in all countries are in-bred. That’s why 3rd generation old money here is mostly mentally retarded. The Brit royals are inbred. Maybe the Saudis aren’t because they royalty there practices de facto polygamy

  2. It seems to me the next 2 to 5 years will be the stage where the parasites try to break the physical holders of metal…which tells me these maggots will take the “deflationary” road i.e. the artificial scarcity of $. So maybe this windbag at the fed will “raise rates”

    I think they’re panicking ,something will happen over the next 6 months as cover and then used as excuse for some kind of capital control, rationing etc. I think they might pull the chain on the dow or something. Just a mugs guess but something does not seem right at the moment. JMO Great show by the way Dave &Rory

  3. Nice catch Rory and some very sobering comments Mr. Kranzler. I fear you maybe correct on the march to war and know you are correct about the American Public’s
    apathy and ignorance.
    Saw this on SRSROCCO’s website and also on Jesse’s. Any comment on the big withdrawal from eligible by JPMorgue and HSBC?

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