Shadow Of Truth: Our Deteriorating Economy

Both retail sales and new orders for durable goods showed slowing or contracting fourth-quarter 2014 growth, with indications of outright first-quarter 2015 contractions already in play, irrespective of the series being, or not being, adjusted for inflation. Those patterns should become increasingly obvious in headline reporting of the next month or so… The effects of the weakening underlying data, on both forthcoming and soon-to-be-revised historical GDP growth patterns, should be distressing to the consensus outlook of a fully-recovered and expanding U.S. economy.   – John Williams,

On Friday, after the big downside revision to the Q4 GDP, the Chicago PMI report literally crashed to 45.8 from January’s 59.4 reading –  a 23% plunge.  58.7 had been expected by Wall Street’s brain trust.  This was the biggest drop since the Financial Collapse of 2008 and the second biggest drop in 1980.   The new order sub-index had the biggest month to month drop on record.

My colleague Rory Hall of The Daily Coin and I discuss the rapidly deteriorating economy in our latest episode of “Shadow of Truth.”  I also relate some information about Alan Greenspan that most of you probably have never heard before:

The economy is in the early stages of a major recession.  We’re seeing this in all of the latest economic reports and in the fact that the Fed/Govt can’t stimulate homes sales even with near-record low interest rates and a substantial easing of credit standards.

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