Silver And Mining Stocks: The Most Remarkable Set-Up Since 2001

Buyers of gold & silver stocks today may see strong gains from these extremely low levels against silver.  At the same time, silver may have strong gains against gold and the dollar. For the miners to reach the top against silver from 2003-2004, the HUI can go up about 450%.  Who knows how much higher it may soar if the dollar crashes? Regardless, the probability for massive gains in silver and the miners vs. the dollar are quite high.  In fact, this is the most remarkable opportunity and set up since 2001 (article link).

2 thoughts on “Silver And Mining Stocks: The Most Remarkable Set-Up Since 2001

  1. It has certainly been a loooonnng wait to see what happens .
    He/she who controls king dollar can keep this game of charades going a while longer
    though enough evidence is indicating an end to it.

    Using a certain metaphor – the financial world is like that of the Golden Gate bridge. The design of the structure has helped many people to get from one side to the other for generations and for good reasons. When things in the finance world falter it acts like the cables on the bridge. Some of the problems can be repaired or replaced which has helped to sustain the money system that all Americans know as the only way to survive and keep it all going .
    Most Americans are held captive based on their own fears. This fear based ( so called) logic parallels a certain attitude which mimics that of the people who didn’t take any actions during the early Nazi takeover as well with like instances .
    They are always destined for doom ! It’s the frog in the boiling water syndrome.

    If for any other reason accumulating a certain * amount of physical gold and or silver in the form of coins or bars can at best be a worthwhile insurance payout for later needs.

    1964 and older silver dimes , quarters , and 1/2 dollars are an excellent form of coins to accumulate. Don’t focus on the fancy numismatic coins. Just coins for the silver value. If the day comes when the dollar craps out , the above mentioned will become a very valuable thing to hold and exchange with.
    Even if bartering is in play having silver will be readily accepted in a second ! Talk about streamlining and satisfying your needs !

    * check with a LCS > local coin shop for the help on an individual basis of personal need.

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