Silver Eagle Sales Hit A One Day Record Two Days In A Row

The last day of September, the U.S. mint reported silver eagle sales of 750,000 coins.  One day later, they reported another 1.65 million.  Both were one day records.  The two-day total – 2.35 million – was more than the entire months of August and July:


This is what happens when the Fed/Govt push the price of silver down using fraudulent paper gold and silver (Comex futures).  The Royal Canadian mint put 1 oz. silver maples on allocation.   90% of the silver on the Shanghai Futures Exchange has been removed this year.

William Kaye, a prominent hedge fund manager in Hong Kong:

This demand is what is now underpinning the precious metals markets. I can’t stress enough that there is very significant physical demand for gold as it trades near the $1,200 level. The physical market is what stands in the way of the manipulative trading algorithms from crushing the gold price.

The gold and silver being made available at bargain prices is having to be supplied to the ready buyers. And unlike the people in the West who are becoming bold in their short paper positions in gold, the Asians are becoming more aggressive in their buying in the physical market.

But we are now reaching levels where it will become increasingly difficult for this Western central bank manipulation to continue. It’s going to be very difficult for the bullion banks, which have calls for $1,050 gold, to push prices much lower in their attempt to achieve that kind of target because they are going to have to come up with the physical gold and silver.

Here’s the full interview link:  King World News


3 thoughts on “Silver Eagle Sales Hit A One Day Record Two Days In A Row

  1. THE Shanghai Gold Exchange launched its international trading board in the city’s pilot free trade zone yesterday, with China, the world’s biggest gold market, aiming to raise its pricing power worldwide over the bullion. It’s the first time foreigners have been allowed to participate directly in China’s physical gold market. More than 40 global banks, including HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and ANZ, have signed up as the first batch of international members of the exchange.

  2. And just to be a sarcastic ass, everyone who bought those record sales of Eagles is now underwater.

    God, I would like to see gold and silver tick up just once. Seems like it has been three months of red day after red day.


  3. Consider that the price on gold and silver today is a price derived upon concept. A make believe tick of an algorithmic highfalutin waft of bullshit. The Comex along with the London exchange are relentlessly beating down the fictitious price through the use of the phony derivative game which was created in the 70’s.
    Physical gold and silver does not stand for such nonsense….PERIOD. If you hold the physical you can rest assured that you have something that one day will turn out to prove value positive in spades !
    Lay low and keep stacking !

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