Silver Inventories In China Are Disappearing

This is a stunning article posted a few days ago by Steve of SRSrocco Report:

Chinese Silver Inventories Nearly 90% Depleted At Shanghai Futures Exchange

Myself and few colleagues have been of the view that the big banks are having an even bigger problem sourcing silver to deliver into India and China and that’s why they are so aggressively trying to pound silver using fraudulent paper on the Comex…You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think SLV silver has been massively rehypothecated for this purpose.

5 thoughts on “Silver Inventories In China Are Disappearing

  1. The $ 1000. per ounce question IS ~ will the man in his true form of nakedness behind the curtain finally be fully revealed for the world to see come August 14th, 2014 !?
    Many think so.

  2. Dave,

    How does smashing the price of silver help the criminals over at the Federal Reserve solve their physical delivery problem of silver to India and China ?

    1. It scares potential buyers of gold/silver in the west away from the metal. It hurts them in the east because cheaper gold stimulates demand. The smashing of the price of gold is more about propping up the dollar, more than anything. If gold moves up to its true free market value, the dollar becomes invalidated.

      1. Well said, Dave. Gold, and to a lesser degree silver, are the mortal enemies of the fiat dollar.
        Gold and silver go up, buyers flock into the precious metals and the dollar is perceived as weak.
        Gold and silver go down, buyers flock to the dollar because it is perceived as strong.
        Fiat is all faith based, and if the perception or faith is weakened, then fiat collapses, simple monetary history that the masses still miss or overlook.

  3. By keeping silver so cheap the bankers and governments have disincentivized exploration and mining investment. Since this has been playing out for several decades it seems to me there could be a fundamental shortage developing . I think China might be where we start seeing silver shortages make an impact on price. We are all familiar with china’s manufacturing prowess and silver is an important industrial metal. Unfortunately, the mining / metals industry did not aggressively mine and store silver during the last few decades when energy costs were much lower. Mining and energy costs are rising, so I expect silver to be one of the best long-term investments available for people with the vision and tenacity to stick with a turbulent and corrupt market. One day people will reflect and wonder how they could have missed out on such an obvious opportunity to vastly improve their personal wealth.

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