Silver Is Off To The Races Again

What we don’t know about the gold/silver price admissions is what it has stirred up behind the scenes … meaning how it might be, or will, affect the manipulation of the precious metals in the United States, where the real big issue resides. There is no telling what could be percolating at Gold Cartel headquarters … or what just might be TOLD to them.  –  Bill “Midas” Murphy from tonight’s Midas report (

There’s a lot of factors going on right now that could be pushing gold/silver higher over
Untitled1and above the inexorable headwind of Central/bullion bank market price manipulation.(click on graph to enlarge).

Today’s move up could be attributable commencement of the yuan/gold price fix rolled out by the Shanghai Gold Exchange.  But this was a known event well ahead of time and the market theoretically should have priced this in.  Same deal with the Deutsche Bank lawsuit settlement.  But that event hit the tape last Wednesday and gold/silver yawned.

Something a lot more profound seems to have developed behind the thick fog of Orwellian smoke billowing from the western Central Banks and Governments.  I believe the financial system is collapsing.   This explains the Fed’s frenetic attempt to keep the stock market propped up.  This effort has become about the only part of the Fed’s activities that is transparent.

Phillip Kennedy – Kennedy Financial – hosted me on his Youtube program to discuss some of the factors that are contributing to the surprisingly strong move higher in the precious metals sector.  Phil blends sharp insight with humor to produce an informative and entertaining show:

I recommended a silver stock in early January that has gone up over 600% since its January 10th close.  Shortly after that recommendation to subscribers of the Short Seller’s Journal, the Mining Stock Journal was introduced.  I’ve featured three other junior stocks which easily have the same upside potential as the silver stock.  “I got the email with the past reports. Thank you very much. This is an incredible value” – new subscriber comment.

Right now I’m offering all of the back-issues to subscribers (debut issue was March 4th). I’m already working on the next issue and the stock I’ll be featuring is not well known (for now anyway) and is irrationally undervalued. You can access these reports here: Mining Stock Journal.


5 thoughts on “Silver Is Off To The Races Again

  1. “This explains the Fed’s frenetic attempt to keep the stock market propped up. This effort has become about the only part of the Fed’s activities that is transparent.”

    Perhaps less transparent? Central bank efforts to prop up oil prices, becasue if they fall the stack markets fall. And there is still a glut of oil.

    1. Good point. I am no expert on oil (or much else I recon!) but there seems to be a “keep it above $40” strategy in play. May also because the banks are up to their hoo ha’s in oil related junk bonds and they don’t want those to go south.

    2. They are propping up Oil; not only to prevent the stock markets from tanking … but to prop up the myriad of banks that are choking on bad energy loan portfolios.

  2. Maybe the oil takedown is part of the China/Russia axis plan, bankrupt the US shale and bankrupt the Saudis too, all of this and no shots fired, nobody can blame you for starting WW3

    What if the China/Russia axis just want to replace the US and enrich themselves just like the US did? I don’t buy the ‘good guy’ narrative some people are pushing, who knows?

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