Silver, Trump’s Trade War, Mining Stocks And The Fed’s Gold

If you have gold, you have money – If you don’t have gold, you have a problem – Alisdair Macleod

With the massive net short position in both gold and silver Comex paper precious metals, offset by the historic net long position of the “commercials” (banks, mining companies, users, hedgers), numerous rumors are swirling around the precious metals market. For certain, the availability of physical gold bars in London that can be delivered to the large eastern hemisphere buyers who demand delivery is growing tight.  Apparently the retail silver coin/bar market is starting to feel supply strains.

Miles Franklin’s Chris Marcus invited me onto this podcast to discuss the precious metals markets, mining stocks, Trump’s Trade War and the status of the gold held in custody by the Fed on behalf of the American public:


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7 thoughts on “Silver, Trump’s Trade War, Mining Stocks And The Fed’s Gold

  1. Dave what in the actual f$**k? I always read Andy’s work when he was at miles Franklin. Thiught it to be on point with all things macro economic/ political. Considered yourself and Andy to be some of the best voices in the space. What happened to the guy!? I understand speculation in cRypto make some extra $ & have a little skin the game.. But Mr. Hoffman went full retard and basically capitulated near the bottom of Precious metals prices IMO. Does he have any validity on he present outlook?

    1. He was always full retard. When has he ever presented original-thought analysis. All he does is regurgitate
      everyone else’s work and delivers it with his aggressive “rant.” If you disagree with him, he issues personal
      attacks, which is what got him shit-canned from Miles. He’s con-artist.

  2. A lot of people decry levying tariffs and starting a “trade war”. But what alternative does a country have if its previous leaders were corrupt scum who were selling it out? Are the citizens of that country supposed to accept getting raped by another country forever?

    1. Tariffs prevent Schumpeter’s Gale, that latter of which is necessary to advance civilization and create level playing field for everyone. Tariffs calcify the existing economic order and lead to the overlord/peasant model…

  3. Your site seems to have attracted deep state attention. The address no longer will register on my browsing history and the first navigation fails and must be retried to connect.

  4. I would watch for next few weeks for developments in Syria , only that can push price of gold up in short term nothing else. It’s something coming there !!!

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