SIX Reasons To Vote For Trump…

If you feel the need to vote at all (sourced from Zerohedge) :

  1. “A Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress.”
  2. A hiring freeze on all federal employees.”
  3. “A requirement that for every new federal regulation, 2 existing regulations must be eliminated.”
  4. “A 5-year ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government.”
  5. “A lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.”
  6. “A complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections.”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who occupies the Oval Office – it’s the Deep State and the wealthy titans behind the Deep State (Bill Gates, Buffet, Soros, Rockefeller, Bezos, Anschutz, etc) that control the fate of this country.

The most important one in the list  in my opinion is #1.  If #1 is eliminated it will naturally offset Citizens United.  I found it ironic that Hillary Clinton referenced Citizens United negatively in the last debate because SHE is the biggest beneficiary of Citizens United.  Her refusal to answer Trump’s challenge to return the $10’s of millions she’s received from Saudi Arabia said everything about her real view on Citizens United.

Citizens United napalmed any remaining shreds of democracy in this country and turned the country in a full-blown Banana Republic for sale to the highest bidders.   The Podesta emails reveal that Hillary has taken full advantage of the Pay-To-Play system created by Citizens United.

Hillary believes there is a difference between her stated pubic vs. private position on political issues.  In other words, her campaign platform is the  exact opposite of what she really stands for if elected.

The election boils down to whether you prefer the next President to be a confirmed criminal who will sell out this country to the highest bidders or an inexperienced, unpolished politician who wants to shake up DC and who scares the hell out of the elitists.

hillary-pinnochio-cartoon“Vote early and often people”

“And if you know any dead guys who need to vote, email their info to Donna at the DNC”


4 thoughts on “SIX Reasons To Vote For Trump…

  1. Trump chose a neo-con warmonger Pence as his VP who publicly stated: Dick War-Criminal Cheney is his hero & he expects to run VP office in the same style as Dick Cheney. That by itself disqualifies voting for the Trump ticket for me. (Check public position comments Pence already made about Syria, to strengthen my point.)

    That, and even if we were to assume Trump becomes some sort of Constitutionalist (which he’s not): 1 bullet to the back of Trump’s head, and you get neo-con Pence as your President. Kind of like how this country ended up with war-criminal Lyndon Johnson thru JFK.

    Notwithstanding my hatred for Hitlery, I don’t feel comfortable going anywhere near Trump. Trump’s VP selection is surely is deal-breaker for me.

  2. #1 is yuuuge and is probably best done through a convention of the states. Congress is too corrupt so I wouldnt trust them to limit their corruption. I tweeted this to Trump some weeks ago, glad to see he has put it in his platform. The foreign lobbying is huge too – I just read that the FCC or some out of control government body of mandarins recently approved changes allowing foreign ownership of media companies in the US.

  3. “Hillary believes there is a difference between her stated pubic vs. private position…”

    Her PUBIC position??

    She’s frightening enough without that thought lol

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