Something Ominous Is Coming – Hold On Tight

One of the rules by which the elite aristocrats abide is they consider it rude to not warn us before they do something bad to us.  They’re like criminals with manners.  In other words, it’s gauche to flush the toilet while the serfs are in the shower without a heads up. – Anonymous

I honestly don’t know how long they can keep up this fraud using fraudulent Comex paper. It’s gone on much longer that I ever thought conceivable. I think we all underestimated the degree of corruption in DC and NYC, which means we’re all underestimating the consequences.


We find out yesterday in a Washing Times article that Obama authorized the use of military force against U.S. civilians in 2010: LINK. As it turns out, the option of using the military in the Cliven Bundy situation was considered. Is that the type of policy all you Obama supporters voted for?

Gold and silver get smashed in Comex trading every day this week, despite an avalanche of fundamental news that should have triggered a big move higher in the price of gold/silver. A friend and colleague of mine called me this morning and said “they smashed gold and silver everyday this week – there has to something really bad coming at us.”

For those who recall, after a big move higher in early 2008, the price of silver was smashed in March from $20 starting on March 6, 2008. Bear Stearns stock was trading well over $60/share at that point. Silver bounces back to $20 and then gets annihilated on March 17, right after JP Morgan agreed to buy Bear for $2/share.

Meanwhile, in the background, Lehman Brothers was quietly on a path to collapse, as were AIG and Goldman Sachs. After the Bear debacle settled, silver trended back up to $19. But at the end of July that year, silver began a steep sell-off from $17. Unbeknownst to most observers, Lehman Brothers was about to collapse. At the same time that Lehman collapsed, AIG was collapsing – as was Goldman Sachs from its derivative ties to AIG. By mid-September the U.S. financial had de facto collasped and we know how the story unfolded from there. AIG and Goldman were saved because the former CEO of Goldman Sachs happened to be the Treasury Secretary at the time and his butt-boy, Tim Geithner, was head of the NY Fed.

My point here is that there’s a reason that the Fed, using its agent banks on the Comex, is working overtime to try and push gold and silver a lot lower using fraudulent Comex contracts while China – and now Russia – accumulate physical gold hand-over-fist. Blinded by extreme corruption and hubris, the Fed and the Government are trying to destroy the messenger.

The message likely should be telling us that something devastating is unfolding behind the scenes. Likely something far uglier than what unfolded in 2008.

I know for sure now that the housing market is starting collapse again and household formation is at 30-year lows – the friend who called me told me four homes for sale in his neighborhood reduced their asking price this morning. Retail sales are plunging despite the onset of favorable shopping weather and the rigged GDP number went negative in Q1. If we could see the truth, I wonder had bad things really are…

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  1. After Venezuela demanded their gold- the price dropped 200. After Germany demanded their gold- the price dropped 500. Now Austria is demanding an audit of their gold and lo and behold- the price drops all week.

    Believe in coincidence? I don’t. Chart those news releases and the price of gold right afterwards. The result is rather unbelievable.


    “That all the capital employed in paper speculation is barren & useless, producing, like that on a gaming table, no accession to itself, and is withdrawn from commerce & agriculture where it would have produced addition to the common mass: That it nourishes in our citizens habits of vice & idleness instead of industry & morality” – Thomas Jefferson May 23, 1792

  3. I wonder about this–why is the next plunge so late?–pretty often, and it’s a topic that many Doom Porn sites seem to avoid, so I’m glad you raised it.

    The biggest cliffs in the last 30 years are found in 1987, 2000, and 2008. When you look at the spacing between those years (13 and 8), you see the 6th and 7th terms in Fibonacci’s series : 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…

    The 5th term is 5. But 2013 (2008 + 5th term) came and went without a hitch. It’s doubly surprising–at first blush–when you consider all of the over-the-top, in-your-face fraud that’s being committed with impunity by the biggest banks and their top officers. It’s so bad that it’s rather clear that being a criminal is a requirement for membership in the financial elite.

    So maybe it’s this requisite criminality that might explain the delay. We know that $10 trillion or $40 trillion or whatever the number is has been stolen. I do wonder sometimes if that money’s being used to prop up so many markets, all of which are transparently ludicrous in their rigging/fraudulence to begin with.

    Even if that’s correct, though, the day of reckoning will come. It’ll just get here a little late and a lot bigger and nastier.

    P.S. The Bear Stearns collapse was a bailout of JPM, as John Olagues amply demonstrated.

  4. It’s possible we don’t get another world GFC until the next fibo number, +8 from 2008.

    if so, by then at the rate markets are now going, the SPX will be at 19 billion, not 1900.
    this would validate what John Williams sees–directly into hyperinflation later this year.

    and all the first tier so-called gurus who don’t know JS & don’t know anything beyond a +- 10-year window will still be long dead broke & gone as they should be.

    Or, it could be this year, 6 on from 2008. the reason is the flaw in counting sum of terms in a fibo sequence.
    u gave it right there in your post–notice the Sum of all terms up to the nth is equal to
    the nth term -1?
    IOW, adding up all terms before fibo 34 gets u to 33.
    it is just an artifact property of fibo numbers.

    so, nature adds in an extra year somewhere in the sequence, to get 34 years 1987- 2021.
    could be this year 2014, but could instead be later on nearer 2021.
    if 2014, then of course the remaining 3,2,1,1 add up to the 7 to get to 2021.

  5. I long ago gave up wondering when the final collapse will come. I know it will, but it seems that the banking cartel is continuously rolling 7’s. Is it all luck? I don’t think so. I think what this demonstrates is the total dominance of the financial markets by the banking cartel. This degree of market power is unparalleled, in my opinion.

    The ability to print unlimited money, only to be soaked up in approved asset price inflation (equities, bonds, housing), keeps the system going. The opposite is gold, where unlimited amounts of paper gold are used to depress price. Both are artificial and will revert in the fullness of time. The bomb has been built and triggered. Although it’s a slow fuse, the explosion can’t be too far off, as the cycle is turning down.

  6. Ecuador to Transfer More Than Half its Gold Reserves to Goldman Sachs in Exchange for “Liquidity

    The example of the so-called sovereign nation of Ecuador
    relinquishing its gold reserves to Goldman Sachs for “liquidity” which
    can be conjured up by the Fed on a whim and at zero cost tells you all
    you need to know about how the world works (read my post: Why Fiat Money is Immoral).

    Now from Bloomberg:

    Ecuador agreed to transfer more than half its gold reserves to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. for three years as the government seeks to bolster liquidity.

    The central bank said it will send 466,000 ounces of gold
    to Goldman Sachs, worth about $580 million at current prices, and get
    the same amount back three years from now. In return, Ecuador
    will get “instruments of high security and liquidity” and expects to
    earn a profit of $16 million to $20 million over the term of the accord.

    “Gold that was not generating any returns in vaults,
    causing storage costs, now becomes a productive asset that will generate
    profits,” the central bank said in the statement. “These
    interventions in the gold market represent the beginning of a new and
    permanent strategy of active participation by the bank, through
    purchases, sales and financial operations, that will contribute to the
    creation of new financial investment opportunities.”

    This gold is headed straight to China or Russia. Good luck every getting that back amigos. Just ask Germany.

    1. It’s only 13 tonnes. That’s probably headed to Russia, who bought 900,000 ozs – 25.5 tonnes – in April

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