Something Snapped Behind The “Scene”

Stocks, bond yields, oil and copper are all collapsing…







Is the brown, smelly stuff finally hitting the fan?

I can’t find any news that would have triggered this reaction in the markets…

12 thoughts on “Something Snapped Behind The “Scene”

  1. Falling markets don’t need news. The event was already in the news about a year ago. It was the decline of the oil prices. It’s a tsunami wave hitting the shores now.

    Good you are around. When this whole crap will go down and politicians will say again that nobody could it ever possibly have seen it coming we will point to your web site and scream “BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!”

    1. Your assumption (a wrong one in my opinion) is that the internet as we know it & this website will be around when the whole crap goes down. Surely, I’m thinking Dave must be archiving his entire blog.

      1. In a Faraday Cage I hope, to survive nuclear blasts. Look it up, pretty easy. A metal garbage can works well. All gaps have to be less than 1 mm, ideally you seal the lid with conductive tape. Line the inside with a material to insulate the contents from the metal. That will be enough to protect electronics from an EMP blast, but a full nuclear bomb? May want to bury it underground as well.

  2. Dave maybee the falling oilprices are starting trigger derivatives for real behind the scenes.
    Nothing much happened earlier this year but maybee the bankers are having a harder time keeping it together now when it´s crashing once again.
    I think the shemitah is starting to breath down our necks now!

  3. Dave, Calm down man.. you are so hyper-vigilant you are going to bust an aneurysm. We can’t afford to lose you… so you need to just go to your happy place for a bit.. try this;
    Special Meditation for Gold Bulls and/or Conspiracy Realists

    Your friend, 1 Kg Lunar Dragon.

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