SoT #39 – Market Update: Is The Comex End-Game In Sight?

The information in this report is take from sources believed to be reliable; however, the Commodity Exchange, Inc disclaims all liability whatsoever to its accuracy or completeness. This report is produced for information purposes only.  – Legal disclaimer at the bottom of the Comex daily gold and silver vault inventory reports

The legal disclaimer showed up one day a couple years ago at the bottom of the Comex vault reports. Every gold and silver – especially silver – analyst on the internet discusses the state of condition of the Comex using these reports as if they are bona fide.

Given the implications of the above legal disclaimer, this is quite disconcerting. Even gold/silver analysts who are critical of the rampant illegal manipulation of the gold and silver markets on the Comex take the data as reported as being legitimate.

CLEARLY, that disclaimer tells us not to take the Comex data reports seriously.  In fact, it suggests the distinct possibility that the reports might not be accurate or complete.  Why? Because the reports largely come from the three primary market making banks on the Comex:  JP Morgan, Scotia and HSBC.

The big banks have been successufully prosecuted and fined for fraud and criminal behavior in just about every business segment of their operations except their gold and silver trading. This includes criminal activity in other commodity markets. If these reports are in fact accurate and bona fide, it would be the ONLY business segment of any of these banks that is reported without any misrepresentation or outright fraud.  The probability of that being the case is 0% using a 100% confidence interval.   Sorry Ted.

The U.S. financial markets are the most corrupt markets in the history of the world.  – Shadow of Truth

We also discuss the TPP Agreement. The TPP Agreement completely incinerates what’s left of the Constitution. It completely usurps U.S. Federal and State laws and hands ultimate legal decision over to a tribunal international multinational corporations. It extends well beyond just trade issues. It completely nullifies the Constitution and States’ Rights. Any signatory to the Agreement agrees to waive its own sovereign laws and abide by the enforcement of laws set forth in the TPP Agreement on any matter involving TPP issues.

The TPP Agreement is the end of any country as it was founded and conceived.

5 thoughts on “SoT #39 – Market Update: Is The Comex End-Game In Sight?

  1. How can a Bill/Treaty get passed when you haven’t read the contents and the signees
    were coerced ? The term is called ” Jury Nullification “. Look it up. This needs to be challenged in the Courts ASAP. The only other alternative is Europe or Canada refuses to sign on or unfortunately as Kennedy said: ” The alternative is violent revolution “…. Time for the big boy pants people. You fight or live like a slave.

  2. Got a question ; Why spend the time watching Judge Judy every night and rationalizing “justice for all” when our banking system and government has embraced organized crime at it’s finest , totally taking complete control of all of our lives each and every day ?

    What’s the use of one set of values and yet another !?

    Aren’t these creeps giving us the license to go after them ?

    1. The govt officials supporting destruction of the Constitution should be locked up for treason without parole. We should confiscate their homes, auto, savings, land, stocks and sell off everything and apply that money towards the national debt. Likewise for the CEO’s/Executives of TBTF banks and multinational corps that bought off the politicians. It’s time the corrupt are put behind bars, and throw away the keys.

    The CME Group and the Shanghai Gold Exchange are apparently going to list on each others exchange. But CME seems to be obfuscating its purposes, hiding it’s political patronage and marauding, kleptocratic practices.
    No mention given of real world, transaction based pricing, operating in the open, airing out everything, no place for mold and decaying, ratty odors a fading memory.
    There’s no alternative to old-time, old world, old-fashioned free, fair and hygienic exchange. Making real deals on a word and a handshake. No one having to think of washing their hands of it.

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