SoT #40 – Paul Craig Roberts: Greece / TPP – Omens The West Is Collapsing

Everything in this country is becoming Third World – nothing functions anymore.   –  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth, in reference to the completely rigged financial markets and failed democracy in the United States

Based on the reaction tonight by the stock market futures to the EU/Greek situation – the S&P 500 futures are down 25 pts/1.2% – I would hazard the opinion that the zombies on CNBC were slighly off-base when they asserted last week that a Greek default was already “priced into the market.”

This idiocy displayed on CNBC is emblematic of the extreme degree to which propaganda has infected our media.  But it also highlights the degree to which the American public has willingly turned a blind eye to the Orwellian fog that has completely enveloped our system.

A perfect example of a dysfunctional financial market is the Comex silver market.  The open interest in silver futures is currently nearly 1 billion ounces of silver.  Against this, the Comex vaults are reporting 57 million ounces of actual physical silver that is available to deliver into the silver futures open interest.   Never in the history of the known universe has any commodities futures market experienced a dislocation this extreme between the paper contracts which represent the underlying commodity and amount of physical commodity available to deliver into those contracts.

This is a failed market because the Comex silver market no longer operates as a price discovery mechanism.  Furthermore, the parties (CME directors, the SEC and the CFTC) responsible for Governing the Comex and for enforcing the securities laws already in place that are designed to prevent markets from becoming corrupted like this have conspired to prevent the Comex from functioning as a bona fide price discovery mechanism.  Instead, the Comex has deteriorated into a cesspool of corruption and wealth confiscation.

The TPP Agreement – in our view – is the greatest failure in the history of this country of elected representatives protecting the Constitution and representing the interests of the people who put them in office.

What the TPP does is give transnational corporations immunity to the sovereign laws of any country in which they operate. Any time the corporation can argue that the sovereign law of a country is a retraint on trade. – Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth

I would argue that the TPP Agreement is the ultimate act of treason by the President and by Congress.  The TPP Agreement has displaced all Rule of Law with Rule of Transnational Corporations.  Incredibly, 99.5% of the people in this country are either unaware of what the TPP Agreement represents or are just outright unaware of it altogether.

Perhaps the default by Greece and the subsequent GREXIT will incite a political and economic upheaval not just in Europe but in North America as well.  If Greece leaves the EU, it will likely trigger the eventual unraveling of the entire EU.

The agenda of the creditors of Greece is to establish the principle that they can over-lend to a country and then force that country to privatize the public sector in order to raise money in order to pay the creditors and they can force that  country to cut back on social services to the citizens… in order to pay back the banks. So it’s an assertion that the creditors are above the sovereignty of the country.

The other agenda that’s operating is that the EU and the ECB are using the Greek crisis to establish the precedent that the budget and fiscal policy of EU members becomes the property of the EU – that this is something that is no longer done at the member-State level, it’s set in Brussels.   –  Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth

If we are lucky, a GREXIT will “blow up” the attempt by the western elitists to implement a plan of centralized Governmental control of everything – the so-called New World Order movement.  On the other hand, the risk is very real that the neocons who have seized control of the U.S. Government, especially the Pentagon, will resort to launching nuclear weapons in a desperate attempt to hold on to the United States’ global hegemony that is quickly slipping away.

5 thoughts on “SoT #40 – Paul Craig Roberts: Greece / TPP – Omens The West Is Collapsing

  1. This is like watching a loooooooog bad B movie.

    I have to hand it to TPTB, their ability to keep the show on the road is amazing. Many assume (I am talking about those who visit your site Dave) that there will be a reset and we can get back to some kind of sanity. In short that justice and fairness will win out.

    I am not so sure. If I look at other examples, it is corruption and collapse which win out. The system will not be allowed to collapse. The rise of ISIS and the confusing narrative they present (“we will arm the moderate rebels….. wait….. which ones are they again?”) will give rise to the simpler one of “evil Russians”. We can’t wipe out “terrorists” so what about a good old fashioned conventional war – we can have tanks and lines and everything! Throw a few nukes in to keep the people really terrified. Then we have a nice black hat-white hat story to sell the masses and we can all sacrifice to make sure the military industrial complex can continue to grow.

    We want saner voices to be heard, we want the criminals to be jailed – but are like shopkeepers under the cosh of a ruling Mafia with a justice system which looks the other way.

    Keep up your good work Dave – at least in the ‘ether’ of the internet we can know there are gentler folk out there.

  2. My darkest fear is that with TPP passing, sites like this, voices like Paul Craig Roberts will be “Gestapo”ed.

    Hybrid Nazi-Soviet measures will be brought in going after gold/silver bullion dealers, gun dealers, true organic farmers.

  3. Boys are hard at work hammering the metals. Unlimited paper suppression. Metals finish negative on the day? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit…

  4. Lets see,

    The DEA agents are caught hiring hookers and nothing happens to them-

    The Secret Service allow a guy to jump a fence and run across the lawn and enter the White House before stopping him-

    The VA gets caught falsifying wait times for veterans an nobody goes to jail-

    An IRS executive Lois Lerner deletes emails and pleads the fifth to Congress and the only thing that happens to her is she is forced to retire *-

    The IRS deletes backup tapes of emails in spite of Congressional subpoenas
    and after a request by Congress not to delete anything until the investigation is over-

    Yep, this sounds like a well run country, no third world shenanigans going on here.

    * You know there is tyrrany in America when the government pleads the fifth

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