SoT #48 – Bill Murphy: Violent And Breathtaking Moves Coming In Gold And Silver

One of my sources says the silver is the most explosive they’ve ever seen it in terms of what is coming down the pike. To get it in size is extremely difficult and they expect it to disappear sometime this fall where you just can’t get it – and they’re adamant about it.  – Bill Murphy, Shadow of Truth

It’s been four-plus years now since the gold and silver markets have been subjected to the complete criminal control of the western Central Banks and their agent bullion banks.

We have all these market where the big banks have been fined for criminality whether its energy, LIBOR, currencies and mortgages – with every other market they’ve found wrongdoing and they can’t find any wrongdoing in the gold/silver market? It’s a joke.  – Bill Murphy

The heart of the precious metals manipulation scheme is to legitimize the manipulation and control over every other major asset market which has been enabled by the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury printing presses – dollars and Treasury certificates, respectively. Both of these fraudulent forms of “money” are the mechanisms by which the elitists are sucking the wealth out of the U.S. economic system – a wealth transfer scheme of historically unprecedented size.

The dislocation between the current “price” of gold and the actual fundamental value of gold based on underlying fundamentals is probably the widest valuation dislocation of any asset market in the history of the universe.   It is truly stunning.

9 thoughts on “SoT #48 – Bill Murphy: Violent And Breathtaking Moves Coming In Gold And Silver

  1. Everything they supply to the market comes either from existing stock or from the mines. They control big mines, so that is where at least some of their new supply is coming from to stuff the most urgent holes.

  2. Off-topic but came upon this today:

    Rhode Island now forcibly mandates all incoming 7th graders (all boys & girls) to be injected with Merck’s Guardisil vaccine for HPV sexually transmitted disease!!!

    I’m pinching myself & can’t believe what has become of this country into a an out-&-out fascist tyranny. Nazis used to have forced mandates on their citizen including forced medical intrusions.

    How long will sheep zombies of this country continue to remain catatonic? Will a civil war of some nature be in our future if the fascism continues ramping up unabated like this?

    1. Wait till people wake up to why our weather is so weird, utube type – pilots, doctors and scientists tell truth about chemtrails, its very scary so only for the strong minded.

      1. I heard some stuff from a friend colleague that is REALLY scary. He talked to a Phd dude who was formerly
        working on a system to altar the weather. It is DEFINITELY happening for real.

  3. Hi Dave … you say that the Paper Market is at the “end of this” …. I have to respectfully disagree with you because the Paper leverage can be stretched out to 150-to-1 or even 200-to-1 or more ….. there appears to be no legal limit as to how much paper leverage can be employed.

  4. Paper Silver,

    This jig is up when the physical markets start to break up and away from the deceptive paper markets. Large quantities of AG are becoming difficult to procure and sooner than later, this is what will move the precious metals markets to new highs.

    1. Funny, before he went to the big house, Marty said that gold was manipulated and that he had proof of it. They let him out and now he’s apparently able to predict the path that the manipulation will take. Amazing.

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