SoT #64 – Jeff Brown: The Truth Behind U.S. Military Aggression In The South China Sea

The islands in the South China Sea are mentioned in documents going back to China’s Han Dynasty in 200 B.C. Currently China occupies just 8 of the 52 occupied Spratly Islands, Yet, the overt U.S. military aggression in the South China Sea is directed specifically at China. Viet Nam occupies 25 islands, the Philippines occupies 10 islands, Malaysia occupies 7 islands, and Taiwan occupies some islands.

China occupies only 15% of the occupied islands, while U.S. political/military sock-puppet countries control the rest. What’s going on and why is the United States spending a lot of money militarily confronting China over these 8 islands?

This is part of America’s grand strategy to destablize China – and to divide Korea, Japan, and the Phillipines from China – keep them at odds with each other. The old divide and conquer strategy. – Jeff Brown ( on Shadow of Truth

Prior to 1949, the Rand-McNally map always showed the South China Sea and the Spratly Islands as part of mainland China. When Mao Zedong and the Communist Party took control of China in October 1949, thereby establishing the Peoples Republic of China, he kicked out all of the western colonialists and Japanese imperialists. The Spratly Islands disappeared from the Rand-McNally map. The United States ever since has never stopped trying to overthrow the Communist Party since 1949.

So there’s 52 occupied islands and China occupies only 8 of them. What about all those other countries? This is the American Empire – the big bully – who hates the Communists and hates the Chinese and can’t stand the fact that it does not lord over Chinese resources. – Jeff Brown

China took two reefs and built two more small islands and and developed communities of economic activity. If anything, because of its overt military aggression toward China over these legal Chinese legal island, the U.S is forcing China to place military assets on these islands in order for China to defend its interests.

What’s really going on here? China, South Korea and Japan are trying to form a free trade zone, something which the U.S. opposes. China was excluded from the TPP Treaty and this trade partnership among China/S Korea/Japan – which represents 20% of the global GDP – would partially undermine the U.S.-directed TPP Treaty in this region.

The presence of U.S. military power in the South China Sea region is extraordinary. South Korea and Japan are de facto U.S. military occupied countries. Viet Nam, the Philippines and Japan are essentially U.S. lap dogs. The U.S. military aggression toward China is part of a military strategy to destabilize and reassume control over China politically and economically that dates back to 1949:

The U.S. will never stop trying to destroy China as long as the Communist Party is in power. – Jeff Brown

17 thoughts on “SoT #64 – Jeff Brown: The Truth Behind U.S. Military Aggression In The South China Sea

  1. Wow. Chinese are a bunch of organ harvesting gooks and the US is the problem according to this messed up blog.

    I have an idea. Why don’t you move to North Korea. Good grief you’re a f*cking lunatic.

    1. Great comment Frank. I can tell you come from a highly educated, intellectually sophisticated background. I bet you’re a St. Paul’s School / Swarthmore man.

    2. Hey Dave looks like you’re on .gov’s radar, complete with paid internet trolls! You must be doing something right 🙂

    3. Thanks to this mess up blog. I no longer blindly support any oversea military operations which this corrupt administration deeds fit.
      I don’t mind sending our boys to fight against ISIS to rescue Christians who were getting raped and heads chopped off. Other than that, we should mind our business unless the cause is righteous.
      Whatever we did in Ukraine, Syria and Libya are not righteous. Allowing ISIS to grow and fester is criminal.
      It’s funny that you mentioned Chinese are a bunch of organ harvesting gooks while our Planned Parenthood was just caught doing the same.
      Btw, I’m not moving to North Korea. This lawless administration has already stolen the truth and justice from this once great nation and we are barely clinging onto our liberties. I’m going to stay here to make sure that we won’t become North Korea.
      Molon labe.

      1. ISIS is a creation of the USA — created, funded and armed. Don’t you find it odd how there is always, for decades and decades, always, some eternal international boogieman out there on the other side of the world, usually some brown men living in caves, who are somehow capable of penetrating the best defence in the world to threaten your life or your brothers’ life over somewhere else? And the best military in the world just can’t get them under control no matter how hard they try, it just drags on and on, year after year after year after year. It’s all a ruse my friend, wake up. It’s used to take away your rights.

      2. The practical aim of politics is to keep the populous alarmed (hence clarmorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

        H.L. Mencken

  2. I have to agree that there are no winners in wars of greed and/or hatred, except the protagonists of righteous self-defence.

    Hidden, ugly budgets proceed,
    So war erases all fertile seed.
    Victims of every official scam,
    Processed like barcoded lamb,
    But justice, honor will proceed.

  3. Hidden, ugly budgets are creed,
    That warmongering zealots need.
    Victims of this sanctified scam,
    Buried in statutory glam.
    Now they withdraw consent to bleed.

  4. I agree that the Chinese government is far from perfect but they are not the ones stirring up trouble and undermining governments around the world. Hopefully Americans will wake up and demand an end to the neoconservative’s evil foreign policies.

  5. The Triple T’s

    TPP Trans Pacific Partnership
    TTIP Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership
    TISA Trade In Services Agreement

    You will NOT see all three mentioned together in any one article in the main stream media. Each one is being foisted upon the unsuspecting public of the countries involved, one at a time so as not to raise undue suspicion or opposition.

    These pacts have been written and pushed by the multi-national, mega-corporations (many headquartered in the USA) with the consent and cooperation of participating governments. To solidify corporate control over any future grass roots or governmental actions, that go against the will and interests of corporate wishes anywhere.

    These pacts are ALL inter-connected with language that mutually support each other, and to further legally bind them we have –

    TRIPS Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights

    Which is woven into the fabric of all three T’s and is meant as an international legal cementing process, making it practically impossible to intercede by way of national or international law into ANY aspect of the trio of agreements!

    Welcome to the first concrete step in the construction of the “New World Order”.


  6. Frank will be one of the zombies, uneducated and unprepared and one of the 99% who will have no idea which 2×4 brings them back to reality. BaaaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaa,
    he’ll follow the leader right over the cliff, with all the other sheeple.

  7. We should start minding our own business. However, that’ll never happen until we are put in our place which will happen one of these days.

    Take a read of this piece regarding the missile launch around LA last evening. Some think it was not a Trident 2 (b/c the con trail was incorrect for that bird) and was Russian or Chinese.

    We are cursed to live in such interesting times…

  8. Wow! We can rant against the establishment but Jeff Brown does not know his history. The Chinese have been claiming that everything is theirs as demonstrated by their invasion and conquest of Inner Mongolia, East Turkestan, and Tibetan. They have invaded Indian territory, Japanese islands and Vietnamese islands. They are claiming a whole sea which borders six countries! They refuse to arbitrate their disputes under international law. This could be the start of some major conflict and the Americans are right on this one!
    I am lucky that I know my history here. Unfortunately, I am not as knowledgeable with financial history which is why I am trying to read as much as I can. Dave, you should fact check a bit more before posting things like this.

    1. Like the Palestinian and Israelis, Chinese can easily justify the land claims by pinpointing at whatever time frame in history which is advantageous to them.

      Our country is breaking/broke international law by openly financing terror/nazi organizations to overthrow legitimate governments in Libya, Syria and Ukraine. The Chinese is only following the once great US of America.

      You know the history which is spoon fed to you. Here is a little financial history which may open your mind –

      1. Two wrongs do not make a right. The world will become a very big mess if international laws do not have any meaning. The USA is a big bully but on the issue of the South China Sea, it is a positive force for the smaller countries in SE Asia. To have Vietnam becoming friendly with the USA really amazing.

        Thank you for telling me that you know more history than I do and that I’ve been “spoon fed”. I am here to tell Dave he should fact check his experts a bit. I have explained my logic and reasoning with a bit of history on how China has expanded thru “historical” revisionism. Anyone with Internet access can read up on it. That is the wonder of the Internet. Hopefully the Mongols one day will not talk about how big they should be based on history or the Italians should try to conquer the past glories of Rome.

        The worst thing is to have experts who either do not know their history or tell it with a partisan slant. To have this expert as a recurring guest reflects poorly on Dave. I came here because of links from Jesse’s Cafe. Now that is one intelligent guy!

        1. History is written by the victors. The strong is always righteous and the loser is always the villain in history book. That is why there will always be wars because everybody thinks their history books got the correct version of history and other’s revisionism.
          Since you are here because of the links from Jesse’s Cafe, don’t you find it strange that the Shanghai Gold Exchange didn’t launch its 100% back gold futures to international buyers back in April.
          There is no way the Chinese would allow gold flow to reverse from east to west at COMEX set price and it would be an act of war if they allowed gold price to find its market price via SGE. Don’t you find it strange that we haven’t shown much aggression toward China like we did Russia – sanction or another CIA back revolution.
          I suspect whatever naval maneuvers we are conducting around the Sprat.y Islands are nothing but a kabuki dance. Those islands were probably already granted to China with our behind the closed door approval in exchange for the indefinite delay of SGE.
          The world is already in a very big mess. We have a lawless president who knowingly broke federal immigration laws, a lawless Atttorney General who stated openly that the bankers are too big to jail, a former First Lady who is still seeking the highest office when she should be in jail and you are worried about the consequences of international laws have no meaning!!
          The worse thing is NOT having experts who either don’t know their history or tell it with partisan slant. The worst is to have experts who believe their history is not partisan and laws, domestic or international, are not selectively enforced or made to be broken.
          You must be a good man since you still believe that truth and justice haven’t already been stolen from this once great nation

          1. We are discussing Jeff Brown’s expertise. I do not know you and you do not know me to say whether I am a good man or a good woman.

            Of course I could be wrong. I think I am right because I am well read on this subject which I why I want to point it out to Dave. I have not made any assumptions about deals made in the back room somewhere. I do not have powerful friends in the backroom somewhere who might be privy to that information and I am not a psychic. I based my information on what I have read and some logic. When you have problems with many of your neighbors, often times the problem is not the neighbors and also not because of the NSA nor CIA. (from India)

            I have provided links to my arguments. One of them a reporter who is neither Chinese nor from any nations bordering the the South China Sea. He has written a book and it jives with what I have read from multiple other sources. Of course I could be wrong. Which is why I asked Dave to fact check his guests. Dave could fact check my links too if he so chooses.

            If you think Jeff Brown is correct, please provide links to support what Mr. Brown has stated. Someone who thinks every expert out there is correct without doing some fact checking is ….?

            I really don’t care to broaden the debate about Hillary, SGE, Obama nor Zombies. So this is my last post.

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