SoT #85 – Protect Your Gold And Silver From Financial System Risk And Fraud

In this Shadow of Truth Market Update, we discuss the best way to invest in silver, why the only way to protect your wealth and savings is to remove your money from any of the various custodians (banks, IRA/retirement fund custodians, ETFs, any financial firm) and the fraudulent nature of the U.S. financial system.

Five years down the road you’re going to pay taxes and early withdrawal fees on zero because that’s what your IRA is going to worth. – Shadow of Truth

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2 thoughts on “SoT #85 – Protect Your Gold And Silver From Financial System Risk And Fraud

  1. Need to protect yourself especially when Fiduciary has become Fee-duciary….

    Wow…RI Treasurer @SethMagaziner charges retirees $10K to see docs from Wall St firms hes investing their money in
    Question: What’s worse than having your retirement savings invested in funds that fail to provide you with a prospectus before you invest?

    Answer: Funds that demand you pay money to view their prospectuses.

    Question: What’s worse than having to pay for prospectuses of funds in which your retirement savings are invested?

    Answer: Paying $10,000 for the documents and still not getting them.

    The questions and answers above sound like bad jokes and they’re not funny.
    But that’s exactly what happened when retired school teachers in Rhode Island requested the prospectuses of the funds in which the $7 billion-plus state pension had invested their money. Thirty-one year old General Treasurer Seth Magaziner demanded the elders pay $10,000 for the documents and then, after the retirees had raised the monies and paid him, he refused to provide the offering documents.

    Worse still, it’s happening to public pension stakeholders around the nation—not just in tiny Rhode Island. Simply put, state pension officials are withholding prospectuses from investors, i.e., taxpayers and participants, in funds.

  2. Bullshit meter I submit exhibit A.

    somewhere in the world there is a grey haired (ninny)boomer sitting in front of a very verbose investment adviser ….in front of a wall of government certificates explaining the diffusion index and looking very chuffed a pleased with himself, saying don’t worry “if there are cranes on the horizon we’re all good”………….

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