SoT Ep 17 – Bix Weir: Silver, Gold And The End Game

When the bond market collapses it will make the stock market crash look like a day at the beach.  – Bix Weir, Shadow of Truth

How much gold does China’s Central Bank/Government currently own?  How much will they admit to owning when they update their holdings in June?  Estimates of China’s gold holdings range anywhere from 4,000 tonnes to 40,000 tonnes.   No one knows how much gold they will report, but it is highly probable that the number they do report is a number that they want the mainstream world to believe and there’s probably a lot of thought that has gone into masterminding this disclosure.

Bix connects the genesis of the rigging of the stock market to computer programs written originally by Alan Greenspan using BASIC programs.  Greenspan was high school classmates with the co-inventor of BASIC – John Kemeny.   This was some fascinating history with which I was not aware, but I have been able to corroborate the information.

So what will the end-game look like as it unfolds?  Bix offers an optimistic vision in which the “good guys” are able to push out and eliminate the “bad guys” and the system “reset” we all know is coming will provide the foundation for new beginning and better world.

We think you’ll find this an engaging and interesting conversation we have with Bix.  He’s clearly done a lot of research and offers some extremely interesting insights and viewpoints:

7 thoughts on “SoT Ep 17 – Bix Weir: Silver, Gold And The End Game

  1. Interesting interview, he sure brings up a lot of interesting theories about secret oil and gold. One observation though: maybe the wildlife preserves have oil underneath them oil not because the authorities intentionally put preserves around the oil deposits but simply because all the unpreserved lands have already pumped dry! While it’s of course true that the US has been consuming the rest of the world’s resources over the last 40 years I have a hard time believing that this was done to preserve the US resources, it’s more likely that they ran out. But who knows, maybe he’s right.

    Regarding timing, I noticed too that every 7 years going back a few cycles there were crashes. I think we are in for some interesting times in September. If nothing happens it will have a been a very long time between crashes, highly atypical. Or maybe they know that we’re on to them now and will purposely defer a crash just to add confusion…

  2. One other thing is that up until a year ago I worked in engineering until getting laid off. I designed a lot of infrastructure projects including mines and it is clear that even if fast tracked you are looking at at least 10 years before you’d see any meaningful production and then another few decades before you got it all out. Nothing is trivial about setting up a gold mine. I’m not sure how all this purported gold in the Grand Canyon and California would play into a new monetary system. Maybe if they got the ore independently surveyed and confirmed that there is 20,000 tonnes recoverable in the ground then there would be of some use for it but that is not the same as China having 20,000 tonnes stacked nicely in vaults.

  3. Good Evening Mr. Kranzler,

    I just love your work. A few months ago, I started converting the best content like yours, SGT Report, Daily Coin, Andy Hoffman, etc (But NEVER any Jim Rickards 😉 from youtube to MP3 so I could take them with me since I live in the sticks without broadband outside my home. I have been publishing them to a podcast that is also available in ITunes. Your work gets an especially large number of downloads, and has been heard many thousands of times in addition to your youtube channel.

    I just wanted you to know I am spreading your work, amongst others, to as many people as I can. So far, I’ve not received anything for it, it was started as a pay it forward venture for my fellow man. And no, I’m not asking for anything.

    If there are similar people who enjoy your work and would like it as a MP3 they can go to and if they search ITunes for Liberty, Metals and Austrian Economics, they will find it there.

    Keep up the great work. It is the best out there.


    Oh, that reverse repo piece was beyond amazing. Such a great find, that chart. But without the insight you provided, next to worthless.

    1. Yeah those reverse repos explain how it’s all been held together. Amazing all the people and deflationists I encounter who argue that “the government can’t do that, it’s illegal.”

  4. Bix Weir = PASS…sorry I have heard the unlimited oil at Gull Island and Unbelievable gold reserves in the Grand Canyon and Chocolate Mtn. stories before……NUT JOB

    I though it would be tough to top Jim Willie but Bix is a whole new level. Come on guys you are better than this.

    1. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. I agree some of his views and theories wander into the wilderness. But he also has some very valid research and assertions about the system. Same with Jim Willie. I’ve been following JW for 13 years and used to view his assertions with a high level of skepticism – at least the ones I couldn’t verify for myself or went beyond conclusions I had reached. But a fairly high percentage of the stuff he was talking about 10-13 years ago has actually unfolded. His tentacles and sources globally have expanded and improved over the years. I think it would be a mistake to summarily dismiss JW.

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