SoT Ep 29 – Jeff Nielson: The Complete Criminalization Of Our System

[If you really study the patterns] you can actually see the when they turn on and off the algorithm program used to manipulate the gold and silver markets.  – Jeff Nielson, Shadow of Truth

Rule of Law has been completely abandoned by the Government and business elite.  What remains is a citizenry in this country that has been largely dumbed-down and taught ignore or deny the reality unfolding right before its eyes.

What’s left is an elitist club of political and corporate “leaders” who are using every possible means to keep our system from collapsing, enabling to them to steal or confiscate every last crumb of middle class wealth.  If you don’t have enough spare cash to own your own Washington, DC politician,  you are middle class – you are not part of “The Club.”

The Shadow of Truth hosted a fascinating conversation (at least we found it fascinating) with Jeff Nielson, of Bullion Bulls Canada.

The lies are getting bigger and bigger to point at which they are now ludicrous or even perverse.

The conversation ranged from the proposals by criminal Keynesian “economists” to abolish cash currency to Jeff’s “One Bank” concept.

With 46% of all transactions by volume in the U.S. conducted using cash – 23% by value – converting to an electronic digital currency system would turn our lives upside down.  But more insidiously, it would give the Government a lot more control over your life, not to mention the fact that it would make very easy for the Government to impose a bail-in of the banking system when that inevitability occurs.

Unfortunately, the majority of the zombie-like Americans will likely just shrug it off when the move is made to abolish cash, just like our citizens shrugged off the Patriot Act and ignored the imposition of the NSA into our lives.

Jeff’s “One Bank” concept is based on the fact that a cabal of ultra-wealthy bankers, businessmen and media moguls largely control the western financial and political systems.  Jeff explains the idea and how it functions.    In my mind, it all starts at the top with the Bank for International Settlements – the BIS.

The discussion include whether or not the Government will eventually make gold and silver illegal and try confiscate the public’s bullion.  Jeff sees it as an inevitability and necessary to support a fully electronic currency system.

Without question Jeff is highly intelligent, well thought out and articulate.  Whether or not you agree with some or all of his ideas, we can assure you that you will find this discussion to be thought-provoking.

5 thoughts on “SoT Ep 29 – Jeff Nielson: The Complete Criminalization Of Our System

  1. The protection of the USD is like a prime directive. The whole system of global liquidity is morphing toward a balance of circulating debts and circulating assets and protection of the legacy system (debt based fiat) is likely a strong consideration in view of market immaturity in regards to exactly where the monetary system is headed.

    Common sense should dictate that we cannot continue to add more debt to a system that is overwhelmed by debt, already.

  2. The idea of a cashless society for me is a non starter. How are you going to deal with life in a time of a power outage ? And what about the Politicians, Judges, Lawyers etc… Do you really think they want a paper trail to their hookers and blow ?

  3. I enjoyed the video but I would like to raise a few points if I may.
    Silver confiscated in 1934, how was silver confiscated when the US was producing silver coins until 1964?

    Per the executive order of the supposed silver confiscation, most forms of silver were Still available to the public (all silver coins, silver 800 fine or better, industrial professional artistic use silver-silver jewelry- all were still legal for a citizen to own.)

    Concerning the 1933 gold turn in- From the book Coin Clinic by Alan Herbert
    P. 112 “How effective was the withdrawal of gold from the public in 1933?”
    Answer…it was something of a flop…only about 7 per cent was actually turned in.
    As was mentioned by Dave on the video, gold was shipped out of the US, away from the reach of Uncle Sam, so those gold coins escaped confiscation.

    We have to remember the reason the US government wanted gold back in 1933 was in order to print more money, gold was needed to back up the paper dollars. Now with the dollar backed by ‘the full faith and credit of the US Government’ and the claim ‘barbarous relic’ the government wouldn’t be able to demand gold without admitting gold was valuable after all.
    While I would not say that a gold and silver grab is impossible, we need to remember that a law passed is not a law obeyed. An old quote- We have ten thousand laws on the books to basically enforce the Ten Commandments, and we do a mighty piss poor job of it.

    I wonder, would silver Pandas or silver Maple Leafs fall under a silver confiscation scheme, or would they be exempt since they are not US coins.

  4. Cashless society considered-

    A few of my thoughts on how a digital currency will backfire.

    Outside of the US, the US Dollar is held by people who live in countries where their currencies are weak or who have been wrecked by inflation or hyperinflation. The US Dollar is considered the safe haven and refuge for those seeking to preserve their wealth. It is stronger than the local currency and holds its value as things go up in price in their respective countries.

    We also must consider the desire for privacy by holding US Dollars overseas. Many hold US Dollars as a way to preserve wealth away from unscrupulous bureaucrats, excessive taxation, confiscatory governments or a way to persuade (i.e. bribe) officials to cut through red tape to get something accomplished. Sadly in this big old world of ours, greasing palms is the way things are done in some countries, I am not condoning it, I’m just admitting that it happens. There are, I would guess, small to medium sized businesses overseas who prefer the anonymity of using physical US Dollars for wealth preservation and reducing their taxes owed to their governments. Some overseas businesses need US Dollars to conduct their business with the US, so having US Dollars makes sense. Not all businesses in the world are giant conglomerates, there are many mom and pop businesses worldwide and many struggle to survive, having US Dollars a cash cushion during lean times.

    Now, if the US Dollar is ever replaced by a digital currency, the holders of US Dollars overseas will either be forced to exchange their Dollars for digital money, exchange their US Dollars for some other currency, or if they wait too long, the holder of US Dollars will find their Dollar holdings worthless as the time to redeem paper for digital money is likely to be limited. Any and all who hold US Dollars overseas who would have to exchange US Dollars for some other currency, exchange US Dollars for digital currency or end up with worthless green paper, these individuals will feel very betrayed and angry at the US. While the powers that be may discount the feelings of the little people overseas, the little people can have a very big impact on trade with the US. Consider the non-violent actions the former holders of US Dollars can do, individually or collectively – boycott buying US made goods, refuse to sell to the US market, refuse to use digital US money and take their business elsewhere. Many might petition or protest in the streets that their countries reduce or end trade and dealings with the US. Losing friends and trade overseas does not help the US in the least.

    Rich South Americans exchange their wealth into US Dollars and deposit the money in US banks, much of it in Florida banks. The Rich South Americans do not divulge to their own Tax authorities how much they have in US Banks. Eliminate cash and you eliminate Rich South Americans depositing money in the US.

    The US Dollar is beginning to face stiff competition with the Chinese Renminbi. If the US Dollar was withdrawn and replaced by a digital currency, it is highly likely that individuals will quickly exchange their US Dollars for Chinese Renminbi and view China as the most trustworthy nation to deal with. This would lead to less demand for the US Dollar as a digital currency or otherwise, and lead to a willingness to use China’s money over US money.

    If the US Dollar is replaced with a digital currency, all transactions using US Digital currency could be traced and identified, anonymity would be gone and with it the trust people around the world have in the US Dollar. Imagine the aggravation someone living overseas would have in trying to prove that the US digital dollars were earned honestly, taxes were paid on said digital dollars, the purchase was legal, etc. Just a few instances in the news or on the internet of how legally owned digital dollars are confiscated by the push of a button will cause digital dollar holders to dump their digital money as fast as humanly possible.

    The US has a perception problem as it is with most of the world viewing the US as Big Brother. Once a digital currency is rolled out, any and all willingness to use the US Dollar in any form will shrink overnight and trust in the US would shrink right along with it.
    Digital currency for the US would be the guaranteed beginning of the end for the US Dollar if not the US as well.

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