SoT Market Update: As The U.S. Tries To Destroy The World, It Will Destroy Itself

Except for its western hemisphere lap-dogs and chattel, the U.S. “defense” strategy has been the implementation of a highly “offensive” (in both senses of the word here) policy of military and economic antagonism. What unfolding of events in Syria and Venezuela are just two examples.

As the U.S. Ponzi scheme continues to unravel, the Government’s attempt to control the markets intensifies. The primary stock indices (Dow, S&P 500, Naz), which are currently more overvalued than at any point in U.S. history, seem impervious to any sort of sell-off, no matter how atrocious the economic news. The stock market has been “miraculously” bullet-proof from the most recent Fed official threats to hike interest rates in two weeks.

Conversely, the price of gold, has been subjected to paper gold price slams nearly every day since the Federal Reserve’s Club of Thespians released their latest sequel to “Game Of Rate Hikes.” It’s like “Chuckie” in the “Child’s Play” series – the storyline just won’t die.

The current manipulated pullback has taken gold down about 7% since the “Game of Rate Hikes” was released about two weeks ago. India has been dormant as a gold buyer since March 1st, activity seems to be stirring based on the latest ex-import duty premiums. Smuggling into India has picked up considerably this week – LINK. Similarly, buying in China per data from the Shanghai Gold Exchange has been stimulated by the lower price of gold.   In fact, deliveries onto the SGE have surged this week and the open interest now sits at 720 tonnes, which is likely a record.

The only result that will end up being accomplished by the U.S. intervention in the gold market will be a further transfer of real wealth from the U.S. populace to the Chinese. Thank you may I have another? Rory Hall and I discuss these issues in our latest “Market Update” series from the The Shadow of Truth:

6 thoughts on “SoT Market Update: As The U.S. Tries To Destroy The World, It Will Destroy Itself

  1. Everything now is based on lie , so we can’t relay on anything but more lies in future from them.
    I think they will increase interest rates , push gold down and dollar and markets will rally for while. They haven’t got any option , only that can give them some more time , but
    I hope China will devalue their yuan and we will see some fireworks after that. China has to act , otherwise they will finish like Venezuela.

  2. The powers that be rig the PMs markets, along with every other market. Bitcoin’s up nicely this week. At least TPTB can’t rig bitcoin. Clif High’s data tells him that bitcoin goes to $650 in July or August, the doubles from there next year. He also says his data tells him that there is currently an emotional pairing with bitcoin and silver, which will eventually be replaced by an emotional pairing with bitcoin and gold (see Clif’s last two ALTA reports). If Clif’s data and his interpretation of it is correct, all three will go much higher this year and next. I like Bitgold, bitcoin, silver and the PM miners that DK recommends.

  3. Hi Dave , i am interested in subscribing to ssj and/or msj but it looks like
    it is a monthly recurring payment. if i subscribe how do i cancel if i choose
    too ?

    thank you, Frank

    1. Hi, cancelling – god forbid lol – can be done on your end thru Paypal OR you can email me and request cancellation and I can do it on my end. I take of it ASAP and Papal sends you confirmation.

  4. Reason:-
    Bilderberg 9th to 12 the June,Dresden,Germany.Gold will rise and the Stocks will fall.G 7 also lied about the Global Economy,in its Communique.

  5. As if Venezuela selling it’s gold at rock bottom prices was never object of the debt in the first place…if you told the average Venezuelan that simply repricing gold to $50,000. an oz & silver to $1000 an ounce, would actually help stabilise their economy and allow those prudent holders of real money to re collateralise their economy…most of the supply problems would start to end (these collectivist dimwits still would rather starve)…but of course cheap assets’ for the money hegemony has always been the object of the destruction of the pricing system..

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