SoT – Market Update – Special Guest Kim McAvoy: Vox Populi

What’s happening now is all just fluff compared to what’s going to happen.  – Kim McAvoy, voice of the people on Shadow of Truth

It’s beginning to look like the beginning of the end.  Some sort of motivation beyond what’s obvious prompted China to start devaluing the yuan and further remove the yuan’s peg to the dollar.  This seems to be the end of the long road that has been traveled by the proverbial “kicked” can.

In turn the yuan devaluation event seems to have undermined the Fed’s ability to keep the S&P 500 propped and bubbly.  After the last three days of selling on the NYSE it looks like real fear may have finally gripped the system.  Today (Thursday, August 20) looked particularly ugly, as the Fed was unable to keep the S&P 500 from falling hard despite several attempts to jump start a rally.

Similarly, gold has had an impressive 11-day run in which it’s rallied over 6%.   Not too bad for something Rupert Murdoch’s “Wall Street Journal” referenced as being analogous to a Pet Rock.  While the mainstream media apologists and analytic charlatans will attribute gold’s move to “short covering,”  we believe the fundamental driver of this rally has the unmistakable odor of “flight to safety.”

We hosted a special guest on the latest Shadow of Truth “Market Update.”  After exchanging a series of emails with her, we got to know Kim and wanted to host someone who could represent “the man on the street” voice.  As Rory stated:

I think it’s important for people – in particular people that are new [to the world of truthseeking[ to hear what real live people are doing; not just from you and I – everybody can hear what you and I are doing. Let’s hear from somebody who nobody knows and is out there making it happen [seeking facts and preparing for what’s coming].

4 thoughts on “SoT – Market Update – Special Guest Kim McAvoy: Vox Populi

  1. Very good performance of Kim.
    Nice to here the opinion of an ordinary person but in fact she´s a lot smarter than the ordinary person that just care about the Kardashians or the next football game.
    These people will be the ones in front of the steamroller that´s on it`s way.
    By tuning in to Daves and Rorys sites you will always be updated and keep your brain in order.
    Have a nice weekend all of you.

  2. OK who’s running a book on QE or not to QE? I am thinking the fed will blink . Either that or lot’s of desk clearing at HSBC over the weekend.

  3. Actually Deutsche bank could be on for a big short? in light of what some media “moguls” have been twittering. Never a more apt name for a website “twitter”
    isn’t that a verb to twitter? or to be a twit? personally i’m booking an ipo for .
    I’ve got the marketing, spin sweet as a nut.
    Loved the show by the way Dave.

  4. Really enjoyed the podcast. It is good to know that some people are preparing for tough times. I don’t see that as a pessimistic view. It is a realistic view. I wish that more of my friends had Ms. McAvoy’s attitude.

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