SoT Market Update: The Fed Fails And Gold Glitters

In this installment of the Shadow Truth’s Market Update episode, we discuss the FOMC’s unwillingness and inability to raise interests even 25 basis points, the 2008 financial collapse redux, and that fact that gold is “sniffing out” a catastrophic market event on the horizon.

5 thoughts on “SoT Market Update: The Fed Fails And Gold Glitters

  1. So the latest rumour-word is that BREXIT referendum itself (not just the campaigns) will get suspended after the mother MP was brutally murdered. This has all the signs of a false flag written all over it. (Not claiming she wasn’t murdered, but I suspect rather used brutally as a sacrificial pawn in an act of desperation.) The extent to which our political processes have devolved, it’s so ridiculously juvenile, kindergarten level logic, this is all unbelievable like a bad dream.

    1. Yes, and anyone who dares suggest such an act will be branded a lunatic by the media. There seems to be nothing these psychopaths will stoop to, so I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

      The neighbors of the accused said that other than his loner nature, there was nothing violent or abnormal about the alleged killer. That doesn’t stop the press from branding him as an extremist. The Telegraph brought up the fact that he subscribed to some obscure South African publication, which they deem ultra-right wing.

      Add the uncorroborated so-called, eye witness account of him shouting Britain First, which supposedly refers to the small, obscure nationalist organization in Britain, and you have all the ingredients to mislead and frighten the public. Therefore, lets suspend the campaign and maybe the vote, until the polls are in favor of Bremain.

      Of course, this is always the mainstream media pattern – create a narrative when there are no facts then, when they are revealed, publish them after everyone has moved on to the next meme.

      Seems funny that Brexit, which is supposed to be such a big deal for gold, hasn’t caused any angst in the US equities that I can see.

  2. Theravaida,
    not sure i concur with the conspiratorial nature of your comment BUT how convenient
    for the Brexit BS…markets’ pop, gold smashed..check, lol. The vote is STOPPED? reaks’
    of panic.

    Lawmaker? lol, Like we need more of those…the regulatory barriers to market entry for even “Shining shoes” are so great accept the most well healed corporates that can afford the massive army of compliancing personell’ it’s a wonder there is any market at all left to defend…and they wonder why it’s collapsing…lol

  3. I was shocked to see the metal prices widget show gold and silver in the red. Just a while ago they were nicely green. I had to refresh the screen a few times to make sure this was indeed the latest price and not some mistakenly cached data. So the market yet again rallied miraculously and PMs got slammed. What’s new? I am sick and tired of the shenanigans.

  4. The murder of this MLP in the UK is looking pretty tragic, the woman involved seems to have been
    a very nice lady. The press is pushing the “Lone Nut” angle no political motives’ at all…very weird,
    but the PTB are taking full advantage , so if you happen to exhibit any attributes at all of the
    “loner” i.e. any political view at all that does’ not shadow mainstream narrative…in fact any thing
    outside of checking footbal & fightclub results….you’re a problem, so look out Dave…….

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