SoT – Paul Craig Roberts Part 1: The Establishment Can’t Control Trump Or Sanders

The public has learned that the political Establishment represents the 1% and they have no chance with any Establishment candidate, either Republicans or Democrats…They’re supporting them less for their stance on issues and more on the fact that maybe there’s a chance that they [Trump/Sanders] would do something for the 99%.  – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth

Aside from the fact that Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for President rather than spend all of her time defending herself from criminal charges for treasonous political crimes, the most horrifying aspect of the 2016 Presidential Campaign is watching the Republican Establishment contemptuously disregard democracy and  spend millions in an attempt to defeat Trump, is the people’s choice to be the Republican Presidential candidate.

I don’t think the Establishment will allow Trump or Sanders if they can prevent it to win the Presidential election. We already have prominent Republicans stating that if Trump wins the nomination they’ll vote for Hillary.  – Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth

The wealthiest businessmen and corporations who fund politicians in order to control the political process are lining up like pigs at the trough to throw as much money as is needed to try and derail Trump’s candidacy.  The same is true with Hillary Clinton, as her biggest donors are George Soros and the big Wall Street Banks.

Paul Craig Roberts gained experience and insight on this subject as a member to the Reagan Administration.  The Republican Establishment didn’t like Reagan because he was an outsider.

If Trump gets the nomination, the Republican Establishment is more threatened by him than they are by Hillary winning the election because an outsider disrupts their loss of control.  – Paul Craig Roberts, Shadow of Truth.

The Shadow of Truth hosted Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for a discussion about the election, the rise of Putin and Russia’s military withdrawal from Syria and the economy/precious metals.    Part One below starts off with Dr. Roberts’ assessment of the effort being made by the Establishment of both Parties to deny Trump and Sanders a chance to be their party’s Presidential candidate:

They don’t like Trump because says he’ll work things out with Putin…Trump also says we’ve got to reinvestigate 9/11 – well this drives the neocons wild. You have to ask yourself, if the 9/11 story was true, why would the neocons care if it was reinvestigated? But they are so opposed to it that there has to be something wrong with the story.   – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

14 thoughts on “SoT – Paul Craig Roberts Part 1: The Establishment Can’t Control Trump Or Sanders

  1. I love PCR’s well informed analysis of the situation. He clarified things for me when I read his book, How America Was Lost. The 9/11 commission report was delayed for a year, and then those on the commission felt they were lied to and not given all the information they requested.

    I believe the neocons are afraid of Trump. That is a good enough reason for me to give him my vote. We should have another investigation of 9/11. Since President Obama has not answered the call, then it needs to be Trump.

    The PNAC document provides all the evidence we need to demand an investigation. It is a blue print for the interventionist Middle East policy we have had since 9/11.

    Only Trump and Sanders are outside of the neocon’s grip.

      1. All neo-cons have to do is nothing, since the polls (averaged at realclearpolitics) show Clinton beating him easily. If they prefer Clinton, Trump will deliver her.
        His disapproval rating is even higher than hers.

        Of course, Sanders is anti-establishment and free of racism, pathological lying, and absurd promises (deport 11 million immigrants (and their 5 million US citizen children?), start trade wars with the entire world, make Mexico pay for a Great Wall) and his supporters are not composed of violent mobs. The real threat to the neo-cons is Sanders, since Trump has played the game his entire life and on foreign policy, which…like Bush…he promises will be non-interventionist…relies on many old hawks.

        The way to get Clinton is by supporting Trump. The way to defeat the establishment is by supporting Sanders.

  2. Trump’s speech to AIPAC shows he’s willing to say whatever to whomever in order to win hearts and minds, same as all politicians. Trump will ruffle feathers if elected, but he’s no savior. We already went down that fantasy path with O’bummer.

    I see a lot of people in the ‘alternative’ community getting carried away by the promise of Trump. We hope the guy will go in there and clean house. The notion that he will expose 9/11 is ludicrous. He’d be assassinated long before that. Same for a lot of the other sacred cows.

    The only thing that will radically change things is a societal collapse. It doesn’t matter if Trump or Hitlery is prez at that time. The police state will still do its thing.

    People who believe that Trump will dismantle the deep state and turn the tide are deluding themselves. The system is corrupt and broken and will take down any individual that stands in its way. Better not to take the hopium pill. Back away from it while you still can.

      1. That’s my sorry assessment too, Dave. We all want to retain hope, to believe that people will wake up and we will pull back from the brink.

        The problem is systemic, and the psychopaths are entrenched. They have the power, the political and financial network, and the will to do whatever duplicity or violence is necessary to keep their privileges. There is no slow confrontation and unraveling of their power. That is just more hopium for people to hang onto.

        I started to get excited by Trump, but I have pulled back. He will do more than any other to challenge parts of the system, but in the end it will be disappointing like O’bombya. Maybe it’s better that Hitlery gets the nod and precipitates a quicker dissolution of the nation. Anyway you look at it, it’s going down.

        Maybe we should call out another meme like the choice of the red pill vs. blue pill. This meme has to do with being under the sway of hopium vs. realism. Perhaps without hopium people will become despondent and suffer from loss of positive vision in life, but on the other hand what I think we really need is some hard headed understanding of what we are up against and how to survive it.

          1. Yeah, more evidence of psychopathic behavior via their satanic rituals, using macabre symbolism as a way to communicate their actions to one another and also to rub it in the faces of the ignorant masses.

            It is getting more and more blatant, but most people will never recognize it because they just can’t fathom the degree of depravity of these people.

            I have good hearted ‘progressive’ friends who will not address this situation. They refuse to believe that such conspiracy of evil could exist. Their faith in humanity would be too shaken, so they refuse to consider the possibility. That is the problem with the left leaning folk – they are trapped in their blindness. Their whole being is predicated on trusting people and not thinking ill of them. Maybe the bulk of humanity is of this compassionate type, but they don’t have the experience of psychopathy to be aware of it. I was a psychotherapist in my earlier life and I became aware of the depth of deceit in people who were clinically sociopathic. Unless you’ve seen it, you can’t believe that people can manifest such amoral behavior.

          2. wow! We are so deceived, and so helpless. What hope is there? Please someone; anyone, what can we do?

  3. Congrats to Dave, Rory, and Dr. Roberts. I think that this was the best PCR interview ever. I admit that I have had my hopes up that Trump or Sanders could make a difference. After hearing Dr. Robert’s astute analysis I think that it is doubtful even Ron Paul could change things for the better. That said the other major candidate are so much worse I hope that Trump or Sanders wins as unlikely an outcome as that seems to be. Well, I am not dead yet so I am not giving up hope. Bravo on an excellent job!

  4. Dear Dr. Paul Graig Roberts,
    having listened those three sections of the interview I would like to know your view on my paranoid view concerning the “The Trump Card”
    Like you said, all that beating, or ignoring of Trump by the media only made him more popular.
    Now, I am not that much into hidden agendas, but still I much liked Hegelian ways of thinking. To my surprise I found out about that (coughs) the Free Mason, or Illimunatie should have been embracing his dialect too. According to what of course still will be in the realm of conspiracy. those hidden cabals seemed to been successful getting their agenda worked out by this way of operating.. For instance, the way the Russian Revolution was a part of their manipulation in order to remove the resistance against getting The Rothchild in the Sovjet Union. .. Or, like a Rothchild agaent was send from the UK late 19 th century to get into the FED… having instructions to create opposition groups in the USA causing riots, social unrest, …
    What do you think of Trump being the double card, played by an agenda… It could have been seen before hand that the american got sick of the establishment, that a Rebel wild Card added to the other candidates could be the good alternative to be offered to the elections? …In other words, can it be that Trump is as much part of the elite establishment, but only using the opposite role ?
    ….This would very much resemble the way I always play chess…. Making traps, causing false ideas. If I can think this way… why cannot these controlling elites ?
    And, like you said.. what does it matter anyway who will be elected.. Its still the big machine around determining the game.. With a Trump this would be piece of cake,

  5. Trump is our only hope. There is no alternative that can change the waves. It took 16 years to get $19TR in debt, it will take a couple of decades to get out. The Liberals have to put in their place. There is still time, it Trump cleans house without getting whacked. If whacked, we are lost forever to nothingness.

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