3 thoughts on “Survive The Coming Collapse With Gold, Silver And “Lead”

  1. Ahh Dave

    I believe you’re too busy prepping to keep abreast.

    A “Gold Standard” is in the works & coming soon.
    Only, as always, it’ll be a bait & switch followed by incrementalism.


    Lael Brainard: The future of retail payments in the United States

    Speech (via webcast) by Ms Lael Brainard, Member of the Board
    of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, at the FedNow
    Service Webinar, Washington DC, 6 August 2020.

    key section

    “Accordingly, upon implementation, banks will be able
    proactively to set parameters that limit transaction activity
    in the FedNow Service based on banks’ knowledge of their own

    As we gain insights from banks’ experience with the
    initial set of fraud tools, we will explore other tools that
    may be valuable, including centralized monitoring by the FedNow

    Bait & Switch followed by incremental racheting over time to
    achieve their agenda.
    Their agenda is total control of society via a Digital Currency that’s “Gold Backed” .

    Focus on that line by Lael Brainard:
    “including centralized monitoring by the FedNow Service.”

    Let me spell it out.
    Sure PMs will wildly appreciate.
    However, all money will be the new digital U.S. dollar.
    In order to realize one’s substantial gains, you must sell your Gold to someone and be paid in the new Digital Dollar. Paper dollars will be gone.

    Buyer —> Gov/Central Bank middleman —> Seller (using a Gov/CB standardized Digital Currency)

    All transactions will be monitored and recorded by a CENTRALIZED middleman.

    They will know everything you do (buildup a social credit database)
    They can tax/penalize/freeze/delete accounts at an individual level.

    Negative interest rates — easy to implement
    Windfall tax on PMs or crypto-coins (e.g. Bitcoin) — easy to implement

    They can social engineer to their black hearts content.
    The potential for abuse is HUGE!

    As always, the general public is steps behind.
    The elite are building the narrative for “sound money” now.
    When they spring this, the public will exclaim, “great, about time we return to sound money so as to promote fiscal prudence, stable prices and sanity”.
    Only gradually will they realize they’ve been had.

    “the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

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