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It’s Official: Black Friday Sales Plunge 10% From Last Year

Total sales in the US on Black Friday fell 10% to $10.4bn this year, down from $11.6bn in 2014, according to research firm ShopperTrak.  – The Guardian

Store-based sales dropped $1.2 billion, while online sales increased $150 million.   The media is going to highlight the increase in online sales.  But remember, online sales represent only 6% of total retail sales.  The plunge in brick-and-mortar sales was nearly 10x greater in total dollars than was the increase in cyber sales.

The bottom line is that consumer is dead on arrival.  Stagnating nominal wage growth, decline real (inflation-adjusted) median household income and skyrocketing non-discretionary expenses are eating the middle class alive.  Throw in the huge increase in Obamacare premiums and it’s like throwing gasoline into a bonfire.

The retailer stocks are going to get crushed, regardless of what happens with the five stocks used by the Fed and the banks to keep the overall S&P 500/Dow indices propped up (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet (Google) and Disney).




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Was Black Friday A Bust?

“We believe Thanksgiving shopping was a bust,” said analysts at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey in a note. They conducted channel checks in the New York metro area, New England and the Southeast region starting on Thanksgiving Day and throughout the night into Black Friday.  LINK

Retail sales fell .9% last December.  Currently the trend is not the friend of the consumer retail sales bulls (click on image to enlarge):


SunTrust retail analysts are already declaring Black Friday to be a bust.  Of course, our first clue this was coming was when the “Black Friday” sales events started two Mondays ago.   Anecdotally, I did some “boots on the ground” due diligence today (Black Friday) and found the stores to be eerily quiet.  And Denver is considered to have one of the healthier regional economies.

The bottom line is that the consumer is tapped out.  Obamacare premium rate hikes are starting to show up in mailboxes and that should really put a damper on holiday spending plans.

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