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Deagel.com (Military Site) Predicts Economic Collapse And Massive U.S. Depopulation

Deagel.com is a military equipment and civil aviation guide website.  I have spent time trying to figure out who is behind iit and whether or not it is legitimate – and  what the purpose of it is.  Certainly it seems legitimate as a catalog of military equipment, the corporations which manufacture the equipment and the Government organizations involved with anything related to the military.

I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that the world’s population has outgrown the ability of the earth’s natural resources to support the entire mass of humanity.  I bring this up because Deagel has posted an update to its forecast for a coming economic collapse of the United States and the resulting “depopulation” that will occur.   I leave it up to the reader to decide whether or not this is a legitimate forecast from a  legitimate organization.

I do know that I have had a couple people in the last year – people who have been studying this issue for a long time and have had conversations with insiders – tell me that the deep-seated powers that be inside the Department of Defense know that the dollar is going to collapse, which is why there is a big effort to promote the IMF’s SDR as the replacement for the dollar.  The dollar is still the majority currency component and thus would enable the U.S. elitists/bankers to operate as if the dollar is still the reserve currency.  Certainly this is why the U.S. is completely opposed to giving China a voting seat at the IMF.

I have my own opinions.  But, having said that, I have 100% conviction that the U.S. is heading toward a devastating financial and economic collapse that will trigger massive social upheaval and civil unrest.  What just happened in Baltimore is small taste of what that will look like.  Here’s Deagel’s update, which forecasts a 78% in the U.S. population and more than 50% in the UK, Australia, Sweden, etc:

The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the States. This unseen situation for the States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy. Jobs offshoring will surely end with many American Corporations relocating overseas thus becoming foreign Corporations!!!! We see a significant part of the American population migrating to Latin America and Asia while migration to Europe – suffering a similar illness – won’t be relevant. Nevertheless the death toll will be horrible. Take into account that the Soviet Union’s population was poorer than the Americans nowadays or even then. The ex-Soviets suffered during the following struggle in the 1990s with a significant death toll and the loss of national pride. Might we say “Twice the pride, double the fall”? Nope. The American standard of living is one of the highest, far more than double of the Soviets while having added a services economy that will be gone along with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no servicing jobs you can imagine what is going to happen next. At least younger people can migrate. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. In past centuries people were lucky to get to their 30s or 40s. The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s one. A confluence of crisis with a devastating result…

Here’s the link:   Deagel Economic Forecast (scroll down for the text)

My presentation of this material is not an endorsement of the validity of it.  Again, I have my own views on this matter.  While I want to promote alternative views for the reader and the listener (e.g. presenting Bix Weir and John Hodges on the Shadow of Truth), it does not mean I’m necessarily on the same page as these guys.  I will say, however, if just 30% of what some of these alternative views suggest are bona fide, this country and its citizens are screwed.