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New Junior Gold Miner Research Report

Note:  If you participated in the Website Fundraiser, you already have this report

James:  Dave: Thanks for all you do. I’ve purchased your stock briefs and have made some nice profits.

This junior gold miner has nearly 5 million ounces of gold in a prolific gold mining district in Canada.  The gold resource is one of the largest gold deposits discovered in the last 15 year.  It is joint developing this project 50/50 with a mid-sized mining company that has deep pockets.  This project has a very high probability of being successfully advanced into a big gold mine.

I suspect as the price of gold advances into the next stage of its bull market, this junior will be swallowed whole by its JV partner which has pre-funded a significant portion of the up-front advancement of this project.  Perhaps this is one of the primary reasons this Company’s stock is up 32% YTD and has outperformed the GDXJ junior ETF by a significant margin – click to enlarge:


This Company also has some projects in Nevada with huge upside potential.  I doubt this Company will be independent by the time those projects reach an advanced stage.

You can access this report here:    MINING STOCK REPORTS