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Are The Elites Slowly Waging “War” On The U.S. Population?

You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality – Ayn Rand

Beware of the leader, who strikes the war drum in order to transfer the citizens into patriotic glow, patriotism is indeed a double-sided sword. It makes the blood so boldly, like it constricts the intellect. And if the striking of the war drum reached a fiebrige height and the blood is cooking and hating, and the intellect is dismissed, the leader doesn’t need to reject the citizens rights. The citizens, cought by anxiety and blinded through patriotism, will subordinate all their rights to the leader and this even with happy courage. Why do I know that? I know it, because this is, what I did.   And I am Gajus Julius Cäesar.

4th Gen warfare also relies on fooling the target population into supporting measures that are secretly destructive to the people. For example, liberty movement support for controlled opposition such as Russia or China, or liberty support for a military coup in which the top brass are elite puppets just like the Obama Administration. Think this sounds far fetched?  It has already happened in our recent history!  Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler was hired by corporate moguls to lead a paid army in a coup against Franklin D. Roosevelt (also an elitist puppet) in 1933.  Butler luckily exposed the conspiracy before it ever got off the ground.  Both sides were controlled, but the coup if successful could have resulted in popular support for the expedient erosion of the Constitution, rather than a slow erosion which is what took place.  – Brandon Smith, Alt-Market.com

What’s the motive?  An uncontrollable collapse of the U.S financial and economic system.  Most of you are already aware of the Jade Helm 15 military exercises which reportedly run from from June 15 – Sept 15.  But many of you have been reported seeing highly unusual military equipment movement via rail and other various exercises.  One of the local readers of this blog emailed me a detailed of paratrooper exercises being conducted at Chatfield reservoir in southwest metro Denver.  Chatfield is surrounded by large areas of open space and is a popular hot air balloon launching location.

For those of you not up to speed on Jade Helm, I covered it in this blog post:  Jade Helm 15.

Somethihttps://investmentresearchdynamics.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpng highly unusual and extraordinary is definitely going on in the Government’s military complex.   There has been a large-scale movement across the country to outfit local police forces with advanced military equipment.

Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com wrote a must-read commentary on the rise of the U.S. Government’s totalitarianism:   When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It.

This is not the same country into which I was born in 1962.  Many trace the evolution of the movement to a totalitarian Government to the founding of the Federal Reserve and the authorization of the Internal Revenue Service.  If you have not seen it, I would strongly urge you to watch Aaron Russo’s “From Freedom to Fascism,” which chronicles the very long term implementation of totalitarianism in the United States.  I will be absolutely shocked if you are not thoroughly horrified after watching that documentary.

It all fits.  The U.S. Government’s domestic military exercises, a collapsing economy, rising social unrest, a large portion of the population which is not working, the inexorable rise of patriotism (“honor the heroes” promoted everywhere, including at halftime of almost every professional sporting event).

If I didn’t know better, putting it all into a long-term historical context, I would say the elitists have done a very good job of “boiling the frogs.”   The only question left in my mind is whether or not enough “frogs” have not been intellectually incapacitated and are capable of rising up in resistance.  Please note:  the French Revolution was executed by less than 2% of the population…

Jade Helm 15: The Government Preps For Totalitarian Control

How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.  – Adolf Hitler

How many of you have heard of Jade Helm 15?  How many of you have heard of it but have not looked into the facts in order to form an educated opinion about what it is all about?

JADE-HELM – stands for:  “Joint Assistance For Deployment and Execution – Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.”   In other words, the Government is getting nervous about the fact that more Americans are now aware of the corruption, criminality and destruction of civil rights.   Jade Helm is specifically intended for the purpose of eliminating fomenting Government insurrection groups.  The States in which Jade Helm exercises are being conducted are “hot beds” for anti-Government militia groups (the latter are your allies).

In order to prep for Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show, I spent a considerable amount of time researching the topic.  I was stunned to find just one mainstream media article in the United States on the event:  A Washington Post article about 20 days ago which barely scratched the surface of the topic and with a headline that directed the reader into immediate disbelief about the alternative media coverage of the issue:  Washington Post link.

Jade Helm is a dissident extraction drill involving members of special forces who are practicing “infiltration techniques.” And it’s also a martial law drill…All military activity in this country is falling under the purview of Jade Helm.  – Dave Hodges, Shadow of Truth

The Shadow of Truth hosted Dave Hodges of The Common Sense show, primarily to find out about his research on the topic of Jade Helm.  We also covered some other controversial topics.   We think you’ll find this show informative and engaging.  While you may not agree with everything he asserts, make sure you have facts which refute his allegations on these topics.  If even just 50% of what Hodges claims is true, this country is in bigger trouble than any of us understand.